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...Aemilia Case!

In celebration of Aemilia's (owner of Philotic Energy) b'day, there is a $50L goodie box at PE containing 8 mochachino coloured hairdos, 4 girls, 4 guys. A couple of the girls hair also looks good on men...bonus! There is a unisex collar and a couple of bags also in the goodie box.

(pictured from left to right)
PE hair: Pace, Rae, Edna & Harrison.
House of Ruin eyes: (Free) Felid carnival, Android, Spectrum Tropicana & Shadow Circus.
Aussie Ink tatts: (Lucky Chair) Koi, Skull, I am god & Bad Kitty.
Atomic Skin: Past gift in VIP hunt.
Reaction: Razor Shorts (not free). (reastion is now closed-updated 01/30/10)

Looking for some new peepers? Maybe something a little more unusual? The amazing Ruina Kessel of the House of Ruin has loads of freebie eyes set up in her mainstore. These are unique and gorgeous. On each of the eye vendor boards is a freebie eye, located up the top, on the right. Just buy it for $0L. There is also a 50% sale on the Cylon v.2 eyes.

If you can't afford the goodie box at Philotic Energy, there are some $1L hairs also available.
(left to right)
Boyd Shabang $1L cheapie wall (includes 96 colours).
Colby $1L tester (18 in each colour pack).
Faris $1L cheapie wall (includes 96 colours).

Eyes: Poetic Colors - golden forest (past freebie)
Tee: Reaction - Ace dark. (not free)

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