Got a little MudHoney?

Yeah you all thought I'd blog some clothes first, huh? Newp! I decided to go a route that so few of you guys tend to think about sometimes... furniture for your virtual pad!

Now I know a lot of you guys usually let your lady do all the decorating (yes I'm one of those chicks them who's kind of a control freak when it comes to that) since most of you are just as interior design challenged in-world as you are IRL. Don't fret though! A few furniture stores in SL do cater to men and even offer full sets so you can just click and point the whole thing in whatever room you want it in. Even better is there's no delivery truck or back breaking in the process. ;-)

:[MudHoney]: Designs
is one of those kind of furniture stores. The owner, Rayvn Hynes, makes absolutely incredible pieces with detailed textures and unique poses. Her sculpts are very well made, the fabric textures so intricate you can almost feel the weave with your fingertips, and the shadow textures are noticeable but not overpowering against your floor.

And YES she has made items specifically for you dudes:


One of them is this 'Modern Man' bedroom set. Each piece you can buy individually for anywhere from $35L to $550L (and yes the bed has a sex engine in it in case yer wondering :-P) but you can also get the whole darn set (in either Copy or Transfer versions) for $990L. Still a great deal for essentially a whole room and accessories.

And you want some goodies for your virtual Man Cave?



Got those too!

The Dart Board ($125L) & Pool Table ($150L) can be bought separately if you wish. The Card Table ($125L) comes in either green felt (pictured) or red felt with chairs to match ($95L a piece). All you need now is a big screen TV and a beer keg and you're all set to hang with your pals all night.

Rayvn does offer freebies and discounted item sales as a courtesy to her Subscribe-O-Matic Group constantly, so it's totally worth it to sign up. Her newest freebie?


This Cuddle Lounge Sofa from the Peace on Earth Hunt is soooo worth it. It has 2 pose spots (to cuddle of course), 16 different poses and the option to not only change gender but also positioning. How can you NOT get a girl with this couch? Seriously.

I know it's staying in my den, that's for sure. ;-)

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