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There's nothing quite like waking up to find yourself in the middle of carefully crafted silliness. BOOF Brings it home with two items -- first up they offer their texture change Horned Beanie for all your Sartorial needs, and if that's not enough to bring out your inner Satyr, then you should take a long ride on the rainbow colored Unicorn Attack. Come often do you get to mix metaphors with this big of a grin on your face?

BOOF: Unicorn Attack & Texture Change Horned Beanie.
The Beanie from BOOF actually is a lot of fun. You may need to make some hair adjustments to wear it (Or pick up the free hat hair SF Designs has had out for free forever -- Swaffette Firely is extremely sweet that way. On a more serious note, Guenevere Decuir from .:CoLLisons:. offers up two necklaces, a red and white poppy for rememberance and peace. Both of them are meant to remind people of the high costs of war and the men and women who serve in the name of peace.

Also from .:CoLLisons:., is this striking back tattoo called Aum. Arabic script in a henna colored sunburst.

From 22769 and the MenStuff Hunt is a full clothing set, wide bottomed jeans,  tight tank and an accenting teal scarf. I seriously appreciate Paco's willingness to use bright vibrant colors in menswear. I may love my black clothing, but every now and again, it's good to know there's more than black and white in our worlds, virtual or real. Also in this picture is a new men's hair style on Marketplace from Alli & Ali - Sol (pictured is dark brown), full, loose and a little windswept. Resizer to adjust, multiple colors. 


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