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I got a virtual and literal handful of advances from two of my favorite designers: 22769 and Equilibrium, and a new find, the discount room at Glam Affair on the Beauty Avatar sim. Not all free but definitely worth a look.

(As always, click for larger pictures.)

22769 is participating in several hunts: Go 4 the Goal, Groovy Love, Fallen Angel, and the Song Lyric Hunt. (Fallen Angel ends Sunday, the 20th.)

Also 22769 is giving out a skin, Julian, as a gift for the group hitting 250 members (pictured left and right). This is a nicely detailed skin, striking classical features, moderate body hair and and overall nice even skin tone, excellently shaded and with a skin texture that eliminate the bland perfection of a lot of skins.

Left: The June group gift is this Lounge Lizard casual look -- for those nights when Muzak and a bowling ball is all that you need.

Right: Child of the Sun should evoke every summer of love reference you ever heard. It's a unisex set, flamboyant and bright. I'm not sure how often I will actually wear the pants, but hey, everyone should have something flashy in their wardrobe for those club nights where the theme is peace, lovem and rock & roll. Comes with the belt, necklace and bracelet.

Below - Left to Right: 22769 - #1: Go 4 the Goal hunt gift #2: Modern Hippies hunt gift #3: Song Lyric Hunt gift#4: Living in the Seventies hunt gift.

Equilibrium has released an entire grunge line for your fashion pleasure. Six styles of grey gritty t-shirts and 6 versions of jeans at various levels of distressing.

The graphic Tees run $150L Each and the jeans are $250L.

I'm particularly fond of the Mug Grey jean and the N002284 shirt - I like the fit and stresses of them both, and overall I think Junior offers a nice addition to the casual wardrobe.

While you are there though, do check upstairs and get on the MM board and grab your prize for picks. EQ also has a Mystery Board as well, so you can try your luck at the prizes there.
For World Cup Fans, $10L gets you Brasil's yellow team shirt.

And if that wasn't awesome enough, someone tipped me off to the discount room at Glam Affair which, seriously, empty out your virtual piggy bank and take a look.

(Glam Affair is formerly Beauty Avatar and some of the clothing still has that line name. Don't be confused)

Almost everything is $10L. A couple of the suits will cost you $20 -- separates and sets, there's a lot to choose from.

Left is one of the suit sets at $20L: Padborg 08, separate jacket and tie set.

Right: Caen Blue/white - one of several color combinations.

Below, Left: Nevers Pants and shirt set. Center: Amry. Right: Nevers Pants and Kapus 10 (other colors available.)

It's a good weekend to update your wardrobe.

Fashion Fair

The 2010 Fashion Fair opened yesterday and runs through the end of the month. While the show itself has a lot of designers to offer, it was a bit disappointing to find so few offerings for men among even recognizable designers. There's not much offered in the way of free or promotional items, or even discounted ones. Sponsored by Simode, and boasting international designers, it looks as though they'll have a full schedule of events throughout the month.

Maverick Designs has a presence there with both their shapes and clothes, and they have a offering from Flavor Designs for hair for $1L just inside the door, but I wasn't actually looking to change my shape, so after a look around, I moved on and found La Rosa, which did have some bargains -- nothing extraordinary but most of their outfits include shirts, pants and shoes. The shirt in the menswear 002 I picked up, only has a jacket layer which, given the open design of the shirt, works okay for me -- I can toss a tank under it to change up the look and at $99L for the outfit including the shoes, I was okay with that (and the odd placement of the buttons - which I only noticed when I was working with the photo.)

PixelFashion had a couple of things I liked, including their jeans, but I passed on those for the Khaki & Blue shirt at $190L, because I'm a sucker for plaids and this was a nice one -- there were other colors available, subtle rather than bold, old faded plaid cotton as opposed to the thicker look of a flannel. The downside is the cuffs are no mod. I also really liked this Knotched Jacket at $230L in black. Since the coat is unwearable (there is no other version of it, unlike the waist plaid shirts SF Design offers), it's pretty much an accessory rather than an article of clothing. There is a demo in the display. If you like the look and are considering it, do try the demo first.

Brocade Tiger introduced a new crop look into his line; Black Snakeskin pants with a lace-up leg, sheer snakeskin long sleeved shirt with a really subtle sheen and pattern, and a fringed bolero jacket in the same black snakeskin. The Fringe comes sized for a back less broad than mine but it lined itself up perfectly on my chest so actually making the minor adjustment to size it was a snap, and no resize script to add lag. This is pretty obviously club wear but pull the bolero off or wear it alone and as with most of Lexi's pieces you've actually got several new elements to add to your wardrobe rather than a single outfit. At $300L, it's pretty mid range for something you could conceivably wear 6 or more ways.

The last outfit here isn't at the fair but I tripped over it looking at something else, and since I'm currently RPing in a urban sim, it was a little too much to pass up at $199L. From DrD, [Death row Designs] is this Dirty Deeds outfit -- pants, coat and two versions of a bloodied tank in white and beige. Add one of your own tanks (without blood) and you've got something very cool, or, put the bloodied tank back on and head out to your favorite RP sim to enact virtual mayhem on your friendly Co-second lifers.


#1 Flavor Design Eric Hair Coffee (in the Maverick Designs showroom at Fashion Fair. $1L)

#2 & 4 ZEUS YH-01 5color Black (not free)

#3 Rigel Mesh black - from the Hunting 9 hunt.

When dog days were puppies

I've been a bit MIA lately -- wish it was because I was on a fabulous vacation but alas, mostly I've just been insanely busy. But, here's hoping June will be a little less hectic...and to start the summer off right, both Gabriel and Equilibrium have some cool stuff for you.

Gabriel swapped up the group gift to include a tribal tank in blue and black. Summer is the best time for tank tops and these graphics reflect that -- not a store logo, just a cool summertime sun emblazoned along one side.

That makes them perfect to be matched up with the usual generous gifts offered by Equilibrium -- this month there are three separate pairs of jeans and a fun Guitar Hero graphic Tee (in store gift -- look for the bag near the door.)

The pale blue jeans, with the dark shading are this month's Group Gift. For having the store in your profile picks, you can pick up these dark brown jeans, and the Midnight Mania offering are these open-waist blues (and fixed boxers - sorry those of you who like to go commando -grins-) complete with undone belt.

Over at Bellissima! you can snag this full outfit from their lucky board. The T shirt set (three versions, tucked and untucked ) are from the popular "Archer" animated series on FX --the outfit comes fully loaded: shirts, jeans, belt and boots. Even if you aren't a fan of the series, you can certainly be a fan for the generosity at Bellissima!

In the Free and Not Entirely Free category, I offer up the new monthly from F2H, which is one of my favorite places for nice looking , stylish looks that don't break the bank, Linden or otherwise. This red Racerback tank has a nice sheen, shadow and wrinkle texture, an unobtrusive logo and pride star at the chest.

I put it with this not free kilt from Sangre Noir (at the Shopatorium) which you should consider for a couple of reasons: First, its $200L which is an excellent price for a kilt of this quality. And what makes it quality, you ask - well, you can't see it in this static picture, but this kilt moves like it's made of cloth. It's a dark charcoal grey texture that looks like finely scraped leather and the triple wrap belt detail on it is amazing (take a look at the clasp sets). You actually get two versions of the kilt itself - one with a resize script and one without. Noirran Marx, the creative mind behind the Sangre Noir line, doesn't do men's clothing very often, but she's a kick ass designer and when she does something she does it well. (She also has a couple of turtlenecks available for men with equally nice detail and textures -- but since we're going for the summer theme here, I'll let you take a look at them for yourself.)

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