MHOH3 - Final hours, final finds.

MHOH# has just a few hours left and Mat Kungler put out his last gift (I assume it's his last.. but you know, he may get a wild hair at 11:45PM SLT and sit back and watch his sim crash in the rush.)

The last outfit is called mystic...full out fit including shoes.

I have more but I wanted to get this out there before the hunt is over.

Spring Cleaning

MHOH3 ends in a couple of days, as do a lot of hunts. And new one's start in May, so some Spring cleaning is necessary. This means checking and clearing landmarks, unpack and sorting hunt gifts, and generally trying to make room for the new stuff to be picked up as the hunt season continues.

Tuft was in one of the first to pop up; offering all kinds of interesting and fun builds, accessories, clothes and clothes and a good dose of odd, this Creepy old abandoned house can be found in the cheapies and freebies section for $5L -- it has a 24x35m footprint and weighs in at 70 prims, but it is kind of creepy but oh so much fun with built in dust covered furniture. rickety staircase and working fireplace.

RoTtEn DeFiAnCe is having another mini hunt with five items each for men and women, including these (low) low rise plaid jeans.

The shirt is the April gift from SF Design (in addition to the MHOH3 gift swaffette is offering).

Wrist cuff is the group gift from Gabriel and comes in black and brown and with or without chains.

Hair is Trowa2 from Mischief Boy.

Shoes are part of gift #4 from the ever generous Matt Kungler at Sensual Mistery for MHOH3 The skin is the MHOH3 gift from Atomic Bambi.

Also while checking landmarks, Sweeter than Candy popped up and these men's jeans & grey shirt were hiding in the back of the men's section on the Freebie Wall.

Random: theosophy, khush, connor, jetcity, mischief boy

JetCity is back, paired up with Mischief Boy, for new looks at the best bargains.

Free from JetCity: Border Shirt in grey (also available in brown and blue. The deal with JetCity is, new releases are free -- when the next new release is put up, the older releases will cost you $2L...I think you guys can deal.

From Mischief Boy at the same location, 4 styels of hair for free: this is Trowa in black -- resize menu included.

If you haven't visited JetCity before, you should go, casual and a little odd, always fon and more than reasonably priced.

And from the MHO3 Hunt:

Connors (#34) is giving out this really nicely textured and shaded hoodie. Cuffs and hood and just enough color to make you stand out in a crowd.

I paired it with #84 Khush's MHOH3's offering of lightly ripped blue jeans. They do come with prim cuffs, nice torn fabric effect and pocket and waistband detail.

$50L Fridays can be on the slim side for guys, but today you want to hit {theosophy} for these very nice ankle boots. Called Aith - Coast, ankle height, smooth leather and articulated buckle. Upper is invisiprim, so you can't wear them with prim cuffs, but the fit is tight so a hem flare will handle it if you want to wear only the foot part. But go today because it's all over at midnight.

And last, but never least, Rosie Barthelmess at Sable Rose has put out this The Green Man choker (pendant style for women) for The Beltane Hunt - which is part of a series of pagan-themed hunts held throughout the year. In addition to the hunt items, you also get clues to a final prize area.


Skin is from Den Dou - Ichiro (not free)
Hair is from Detour - Writer II (not free)

MHOH3 - Letting Someone Else Dress You (full outfits)

Left: Subversions Menswear - Navy Denim/Leather Combo (one look of many) & Rubber Boots from Peeps Fashion.
Center: Maloney & Hudson shirt and Slacks, MPP -My Pretty Pixels scripted sports shoes.
Right: Subversions Menswear - Chalk Stripe Peacoat - Donkey Brown

Left: Duh Men's Grey buckled boots
Right: Poised Grafitti Hoodie, CheerNo Hair Soldier Special Brown

Left: Jasper - Mister Bear Roll-leg Shorts and Emerald High collar sweatshirt
Right: Hell Bop - Walter Bib overalls & Oscar shirt

Left: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop - Hakama Red Kimono (also in black...beautiful detail)
Right: Juice Fresh Menswear - Pretty in Punk

Left: LAD Menswear - Suspended
Right: Myself - Shuto Jeans in faun and Daniel shirt - Green, Avoid Onyx cap and hair

MHOH3 - More skins

If the name of the hunt is "Make Him Over" then the first place to start is with skins. I showed you some in the previous post that primarily came with out fits; these are the stand alone skins.

Atomic Bambi, Illninia, Aska and an MM Board skin from Endlix, again presented with minimal attachments so you can see the details in the skins. Some of these came with shapes meant to go with them, but comparisons are easier, I think, with a consistent shape to look at.

Right: Endlix Midnight Mania board - ShyBoy. Don't let the name fool you, despite the blush in the cheeks and lips, this skin works just fine on an adult frame -- very little shy about it. (I never did find the gift, but I haven't given up yet either.)
Left: Aska Asian Shapes - mid toned and with an ethnic hint that reminds me of popular action film stars.

Left: Illninia Skin Store - Ignacio - Moderate body hair and a not entirely commonplace look. Right: Atomic Bambi-Benicio-Beta - tanned with body hair and capped skull (my personall preference) with some nice definition. A friend had pointed me to Atomic Bambi once before but the is the first time I've worn one that wasn't a demo. I like it.

MHOH3 - Part 2

There are some nice skins in this hunt, shapes too; the creators are making some pretty cool choices. The three I'm showing below, I kept my own shape for, the better to compare, and I gave up my hair to give you a better look at the overall image of the skins. (As always, click for a larger view.)

Left: #23 Paddy's - Armen: If you've been watching this site for any length of time, you'll notice that I tend to swap between the relatively mature skin offered by Redgrave, and the offset youth of the Den Dou Ichiro skin. (h/t to M4). Paddy's skin runs to the mature side, has a decent amount of body hair (which eliminates the need for clothing layers to add it. (Always a plus,) and has a nice definition and skin tone.
Center: #157 AD Sport - Real Man: There are hints of a prize fighter in this skin -- or maybe a particularly well-built Beat Poet. Either way, the hint of goatee is nice and the lighter skin tone doesn't look ghostly. While skins do change slightly (or a lot) based on the shape beneath -- be it one you made or one you bought -- I do like the way the facial proportions played out on this one.
Right: #61 Nikita Fride Designer: Full scalp hair (great for any number of styles popular now, including the shorter styled mohawks,) interestingly ornate tattoo application on eye and lips that looks a bit like blood drops but also can read as piercings. Maybe not an everyday skin, but definitely a specialty skin worth keeping.

Couple of outfits also worth the grab:

Left: #165 - 22769 Casual Couture - Chaps & Indian vest, #169 smudged - Cowboy hat, -dD- hair in #122 Santero Keitaro, #4 Kalnin's color change shoes
Center: Outfit by #6 FIR, Hair by #1 MADesigns - Brady in Irish Coffee
Right: #2 Alphamale striped silver pants & slate Shirt, #1 MADesigns - Brady in Red, #4 Kalnin's
color change shoesshoes

MHOH3 - Separating the men from the boys

MHOH3 Started off with a lot less furor than past hunts; fewer masses of male (and female) AV's starting off in a cluster, like competitors at an Olympic freestyle run. A lot of the names of the creator participants are well known by now, and the few I didn't, I've been pretty pleased with.

Crowded start or not, I still tend to run from end to beginning, and while it's a an entirely unscientific assessment, I figured the hunt was going to be pretty damn good when the very first gift I get out of it is a really nice henley from #174 Sky Clothing. Comes in two colors, Navy & Cranberry with both long and short sleeve options.

I tucked it into these Basic LR Jeans in grey from #166 TuttiFrutti. Pocket glasses are a gift from Equilibrium MM board (not part of the hunt.)

From #122 Santero you get a whole Avatar. Angelo skin and shape, eyes,
Keitaro in Hessian hair from discordDesigns [dD], jeans, shirt, shoes and accessories...and as fond as I am of the skin I wear, I like this skin, both versions of it, a look you don't see often in SL.

The jeans come in both black and blue and have a lot of definition. They come with a separate belt buckle, useful elsewhere if you like it. Nothing but a win here. Hair below right is Lane Short hair in Mocha from #167 Pocket Mirrors.

#15 Gabriel (yes, I jumped. -grins- I like Gabriel) offers a loose open shirt, graphic Tee and washed denim jeans, casual and cool for spring, with the usual attention to details. (There's also a set of wrist chains for group members, and lucky chairs for both men and women.)

There's a lot to like on this hunt, some symbols are hidden better than others. I've been a little short on time lately, so most of what I will be posting will be highlights, but I've been impressed so far and at the moment, Yves over at Fashion Freebies for Men is doing a hell of a job covering the hunt (and he starts at the beginning.)

But I will be covering more and a spattering of other finds this weekend.

I expect you all to look like runway models by Friday.

*click pictures for larger images.

Biker Boots From Redgrave
Army Crop hair from MADesigns

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