::[Mr.Poet]:: at the Precious Ones Mall on J Island has taken things up a notch. I'm gonna give you the free first, but I'd encourage you to loose the wallet strings a bit and invest in some cool new looks.

The shop is small, offerings minimal, but what's there is choice. (Yes, I bought the whole shop save the skins -- and even the skins are nice, just a little on the young, bishy side for me, but nicely done nonetheless. There are two of them up on the lucky boards if you want to check them out, plus demos of the 20-something skins.)

There's several free gifts in the shop as well as the board. Up on the wall is the raised tank and plaid boxers pictured left. The tank comes in a couple of colors and the boxers are nicely fitted and detailed.

Next to them is another gift, a wrapped knit scarf (lower left), color change, mostly dusty aged colors that verge on pastels but still nice and really smooth color change (which is something -- the J Island sim is a bit laggy and the physics are a little jumpy. )

If you look to the right as you enter the shop, you'll see the open flowered Hakka shirt pictured upper right, hanging on the rack. It's free and when you try it on, you'll get an idea of why Mr. Poet is offering you something very cool: sleeve and collar sculpties are nothing new, but the ones in these shirts are incredibly well designed and, what makes them read like cloth, is that the sculpts seem to be carefully hollowed. So when you attach a shoulder prim for the upper sleeve or collar, there a flexibility to the fit that you don't find in block solid prim embellishments.

And that is seen best in the off the shoulder shirt pictured left. The shirts come with coordinating tanks and have short and long sleeves: You likely will, if your av has any upper body definition, have to tweak the sleeves and shoulder a bit, and maybe make the shirt a little larger. There's no resizer, so you have to use edit-click-stretch.

I'd also suggest you get at least one pair of the jeans. The fit and look is awesome and the belt detail is phenomenal. They also come in three wear options: boot cut, regular and roll up. Belt comes with and without extended tab at the waist.

The Tattoo I'm wearing in all picks is the Vintage Flair Hunt prize for men from V-Tattoo . It's a seriously nice full-body, full-color tattoo, given to you in multiple layers and multiple shades from dark to faded.

Clicker pictures for larger views

Upper Left:
Vest & boxers-free gift

Upper Right:
Hakka printed cloth coat - $0L
Tattoo: V-Tattoo Vintage Flair Hunt (free)

Lower Left:
Leather woven pants white & belt camel $170L
Wide Scarf (color change) - free gift
Off shoulder shirt White $150L

Lower Right:
Knitted Coat Black $60L
Leather woven pants white & belt camel $170L

Working at the Car Wash

It's time again for the $10L Cart sale at the Car Wash and The Wash sims. The sims may be retro but not everything you find on the carts is.

You're going to see a lot of familiar design names (Hell Bop, 22769, SD Wears) and some new players (Hey, Dark Water Designs). You can find everything from accessories to textures and a bunch of stuff in between.

Everything on the carts is $10L or less. The bulk of the clothing is for the ladies, but you don't have to look hard to find unisex and men's things as well.

Among the goodies are always some fun choices from Hell Bop. Their cart is located in front of their main store on the The Wash sim. I think I bought everything on their cart except for the sock-gloves and I may go back for those.

Upper left: Hell Bop - Wyatt - Black Cow shirt, Maloney & Hudson Grey Jeans with Belt.

Upper Right: GoodVibez American Pride henley, Hell Bop Manny - Black Dickies.

Lower Left: Hell Bop white tank, DarkWater Designs Vegas shirt (may need some adjustment via Edit appearance. close the shirt front), Hell Bop, Sammy B Black Board Shorts. Shoes: Kalnin's Milestones (from the Addiction Hunt).

Lower Right: 22769 Yellow Paisley scarf, 22769 Green long sleeved shirt (push up sleeves), Maloney & Hudson Leather Pants.

Taxi: Car Wash and The Wash

Eyes gone forever!

House of Ruin have a 50% off retirement sale on the two versions of eyes at the Pulse location. Android eyes are now only $50L per colour pack or $275L for the mega pack. Mortis eye, which are my favourite, are now only $40L per pack. 

The Mortis eyes are to die for! 
But you must hurry! You pretty much only have till the end of the week till these eyes are gone forever!
Taxi to House of Ruin @ Pulse

Fire and Water

From LnL Square: OOTW hunt and G4G hunt - male and female versions included:

Casual Catches

Playing catch up, and this week netted some cool casuals. Equilibrium is offering their usual awesome range of jeans and shirts this month: Group gifts, Prize for Picks, MM boards, and their freebie of the week. They have put out a pair of jeans from their new grunge line, an open belt accessories on the MM board, Guitar hero shirts stepped up with collar and cuffs and a nice summer tank to keep things cool.

And you will need the EQ jeans to go with the bagful of shirts Cocora Lemon at Coco Designs is offering to her group. A fatpack of relaxed, soft-looking tees in 7 colors. If you've never checked out Coco Homme, this is great opportunity to do so. her male line isn't large but it is incredibly well done and not outrageous. Boots and belts, jackets and jeans...join the group, grab the shirts and talk a walk through and snap a few pictures on Cocora's interesting minimalist sim.

It might get a little cool in those fields too, so take and extra sweater: This Hip Woolen Sweater from Robbish from the 060MDN hunt settles easy on your hips, just in case a cool wind whips across the plains.

And while you are tromping through her open fields, you might need a pair of sturdy boots.

Last post I suggested you check out the lucky boards at Knights Innovations -- well if you took my advice and did so, you should have gotten these boots in your Hell's Warrior delivery. Solid tread, multiple textures, quirky embellishments, and a resize menu. You may not get boots every time, and maybe you don't really dig the Kilt and Cuirass look, but grunge, ghetto, or gas station attendant, these boots and the others offered through Knights Innovations with their sets are kind of worth the 2 minutes it will take to TP and slap the boards. But I do recommend you take a good look around -- because you may be seriously surprised at what you find. (click for larger detail)

Also up are t-shirts from [arnadi], but not just any graphic t-shirt. yeah, you get cool pop culture shirts but these come with a few extras: Multiple cuff and shirt bottom options. What I'm wearing here from their lucky board has 6 different sleeve options -- I'm wearing the double sleeve and double bottom, which gives the illusion of a plain white T underneath. you can wear them tight tucked into your jeans or loose and lazy as pictured here. The graphics are well done and fun and the fit for all option an easy edit if you need it.

Pictures Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Top left:
Equilibrium: Green ripped jeans Midnight Mania Board, Punisher tank male gift

Top Right: Coco Designs: Homme Gift-Tee Black, Equilibrium: Bloodygrunge group gift (check notices for the next week or so), Coco Designs: Homme Gift-Tee Black

Center Left: Coco Designs: Homme Gift-Tee Coral, Equilibrium: Blue Jeans on group notices

Center Right: Coco Designs: Homme Gift-Tee Grey, Equilibrium: Darkmeted jeans Lucky board prize, Hip Woolen Sweater from Robbish

Boots Left: Knights Innovations -- Hell's Warrior

Bottom Left: Equilibrium Brown drawed jeans MM prize,[arnadi] - Tshirt Red Geisha boy- Lucky Board

Unintentional Hiatus - Classic, Couture, Casual

I didn't actually mean to be so long between updates. RL required some attention for a bit, however, here we are again with new stuff for you to look at.

If you are not regularly checking out the Midnight Mania boards at Knights Innovation, you are missing out. The content offering changes daily, the boards rarely fail to offer up their goodies and when they do, what you get are quality, highly detailed outfits suitable for your favorite Fantasy, Medieval or Post Apocalyptic adventures. Knights Innovation really do quality work, often offering full outfits down to the boots, nice side weapons (unscripted) a with multiple wear options: i.e.m the outfit shown here, Dark Warrior 2 Pack, has three kilt options - two long and one short, and multiple shirt options including the muscle style shown here.

Brocade Tiger (left) has changed locations and as an opening gift, Lexi Vargas is offering this tiger stripe version of his Black Snake outfit; laced up pants, cropped open top and sculpted collar; fashion and fun for free.

Lexi offers a wide range of men's and lady's wear that is fantastical, fun and reasonably priced. He specializes in rich textures, patterns, brocades and little extra flourishes.

Next to Lexi's shop on the celebration sim is VH Industry, (right) where you can pick up this grey logo'd pull for $1L. I matched it up with the group gift from Robbish, wader denim shorts. Denim chucks are from Akeyo (color change, resize, not free but awesome).

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