Before the summer flees

The first two you need to grab quickly. The Biker set (right) is from Mary's Threads and is only available this weekend for $60L; leather chaps & jeans combo pants, biker jacket, mesh undershirt. Nice fit and detail. The soft leather texture on the wide belt is especially well done. (Boots from Annexx - not free)

Also soon to be gone is this group gift from 22769 (left), giving a nod to both summer and the coming autumn. Striped linen lightweight slacks in sand and this soft looking comfortable red autumn long sleeve shirt. This is the August group gift so be sure to get it before September arrives. (Loafers are from HOC and not free)

The hand chain I'm wearing isn't available yet but it will be soon. This is the men's gift from Sable Rose for the Twisted Hunt. So, mark your calendar because it starts on the first. This rounds theme is "Spooky" and if you take a hard look at the emerald in the Sable Rose gift, you might just find something looking back at you. Ladies set is an elegant necklace with matching bracelet.

This dollarbie from Candy Metal (right) makes me pretty happy. I keep hoping CM will put out more men's things, but I'll take what I can get. Open neck leather shirt, studded belt and leather pants... in black. And you know, everything goes with black.

Browsing through the xstreetsl marketplace beta, I found some interesting looking sets from Guarded Cross (left). I like their outfits and they are worth you looking too, but for free they have several t-shirts both in world and on the marketplace. Upscale Grunge and culture commentary is the overall theme.

SGB - Festival by the Sea

There was a big party at SGB (Sounds Gravis Beach) recently and I missed it, but a good many of the party favors and some discounted items are still there if you visit and wander a bit along the boardwalks, including this free pack of tank tops from Connors. You get two version in multiple layers. The one left is the Organic tank, but there's a second with a faint strip on the fabric. Good, solid texture work on both of them.

You can also find two different pairs of swimming trunks from Connors for $50L each. The ones pictured is Batik Towel, with a vibrant print across the hips and a plain crotch panel. It only comes in a pant layer but does have prim cuffs and a drawstring detail prim.

Connors was also offering some bright batik style beach wraps for the ladies and some Hawaiian shirts for the guys (or unisex.) These discounts will be good until the end of August.

It's all about the beach at SGB (and the music) and further along the boardwalk will net you this very nice tattoo from Daisuki (two styles, front and back ink) and close to that is this board pose with board and another to hang on your house to make your surf cred solid from +PLUS.

There were other gifts to be found (pictures below): a Festa Sofa from +PLUS, a very cool clock from Chabinns!, a set of three lamps and a set of wall decals from {what next?}, SGB-A4 speakers from high_end audio system, household items and shirts. I didn't go into every store on the sim but some very well known designers are there (VitaMen, WMD, HyperCulture, {what next?}) offering free stuff or discounted items. There were also designers I didn't know, but was intrigued by.

So, put on your flip flops and take a stroll through the SGB Summer Festa.

Happy UnBirthday

I didn't get all the pics up for the SL House hunt, but you still have a few hours to finish it. (Pictures on the website) .What I'm looking at today is gifts -- which, honestly is the reason I want more groups slots. Yes, I'm that shallow. *grins*

But when you have designers like Gabriel, and Zanzo giving you things just because you click a group join link, it's hard not to be a little greedy and a lot grateful.

First up is Gabriel. The blue sleeveless polo I'm wearing is actually the female version of the male short sleeved shirt. You can get it in the lucky chairs at the Gabriel main store. You have to be in the Gabriel group to use the chairs.

The version I'm wearing comes with a dress/skirt prim. just don't wear it. The chest shading is minimal and while the short sleeved shirts are nice, I like the muscle shirt look to this better with the finished sleeves and actual collar. (But yes, you will need to wear the shit/tucked version to make it work. ) The collar comes with a resizer and chances are you will need it and to make minor position adjustments

The necklace pictured close up to the right is this month's group gift. It comes in male and female versions and the simplicity of the actual pendant lets you miss the intricate bead work along the strings. this is a really nice multipurpose necklace, and works for both casual and formal clothing.

Zanzo has been quiet for several months for a lot of reasons, including a sim redesign, but to say hello and celebrate the return of Zanzo creations and lines to the SL fashion world, this gift came out along the notices. You do have to be a member and joining the group isn't free. ($90L last time I checked). You also got a set of eyes in the gift pack.

The Pegasus shirt is a gift from Aemeth Lysette to celebrate the opening of her new gallery Lust4Art , which is adjacent to the 22769 shop (who were co sponsers of the openeing event). You can get the shirt and some very cool art, some at a discount, either there or at the aemeth mainstore. It's easy to forget when I spend a lot of time looking at clothes in SL that there all kinds of creative minds here. Visual and graphic artists, performing artists, writers. Aemeth brings you a mix of real world art as well as some amazing digital art and photography. If you ever log into SL an wonder what you should do, you might take a minute and visit aemeth or any of the hundreds of other art galleries and show spaces available. You may not like it all, but you likely will be impressed anyway.

**Leather pants are from Sf Design (not free)

House & Garden Hunt

I'm going to put these up fast -- the SL House & Garden hunt is over on the 7th. There are 50 shops. But the time is limited and really, if you have a home in SL, you probably don't want to miss this one. Not all of it will appeal, but there is some seriously nice furnishings, props, garden stuff. Whether you want it real or you like it a little whimsical, you will find things to enhance your SL Home and Garden with this hunt.

Check back on this post for updates on items. Click for larger pics.

(Word of caution: I'm including prim counts. What I'm finding is very, very cool, but it is not low prim for the most part, just so you know. )

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