Before the summer flees

The first two you need to grab quickly. The Biker set (right) is from Mary's Threads and is only available this weekend for $60L; leather chaps & jeans combo pants, biker jacket, mesh undershirt. Nice fit and detail. The soft leather texture on the wide belt is especially well done. (Boots from Annexx - not free)

Also soon to be gone is this group gift from 22769 (left), giving a nod to both summer and the coming autumn. Striped linen lightweight slacks in sand and this soft looking comfortable red autumn long sleeve shirt. This is the August group gift so be sure to get it before September arrives. (Loafers are from HOC and not free)

The hand chain I'm wearing isn't available yet but it will be soon. This is the men's gift from Sable Rose for the Twisted Hunt. So, mark your calendar because it starts on the first. This rounds theme is "Spooky" and if you take a hard look at the emerald in the Sable Rose gift, you might just find something looking back at you. Ladies set is an elegant necklace with matching bracelet.

This dollarbie from Candy Metal (right) makes me pretty happy. I keep hoping CM will put out more men's things, but I'll take what I can get. Open neck leather shirt, studded belt and leather pants... in black. And you know, everything goes with black.

Browsing through the xstreetsl marketplace beta, I found some interesting looking sets from Guarded Cross (left). I like their outfits and they are worth you looking too, but for free they have several t-shirts both in world and on the marketplace. Upscale Grunge and culture commentary is the overall theme.


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