Happy UnBirthday

I didn't get all the pics up for the SL House hunt, but you still have a few hours to finish it. (Pictures on the website) .What I'm looking at today is gifts -- which, honestly is the reason I want more groups slots. Yes, I'm that shallow. *grins*

But when you have designers like Gabriel, and Zanzo giving you things just because you click a group join link, it's hard not to be a little greedy and a lot grateful.

First up is Gabriel. The blue sleeveless polo I'm wearing is actually the female version of the male short sleeved shirt. You can get it in the lucky chairs at the Gabriel main store. You have to be in the Gabriel group to use the chairs.

The version I'm wearing comes with a dress/skirt prim. just don't wear it. The chest shading is minimal and while the short sleeved shirts are nice, I like the muscle shirt look to this better with the finished sleeves and actual collar. (But yes, you will need to wear the shit/tucked version to make it work. ) The collar comes with a resizer and chances are you will need it and to make minor position adjustments

The necklace pictured close up to the right is this month's group gift. It comes in male and female versions and the simplicity of the actual pendant lets you miss the intricate bead work along the strings. this is a really nice multipurpose necklace, and works for both casual and formal clothing.

Zanzo has been quiet for several months for a lot of reasons, including a sim redesign, but to say hello and celebrate the return of Zanzo creations and lines to the SL fashion world, this gift came out along the notices. You do have to be a member and joining the group isn't free. ($90L last time I checked). You also got a set of eyes in the gift pack.

The Pegasus shirt is a gift from Aemeth Lysette to celebrate the opening of her new gallery Lust4Art , which is adjacent to the 22769 shop (who were co sponsers of the openeing event). You can get the shirt and some very cool art, some at a discount, either there or at the aemeth mainstore. It's easy to forget when I spend a lot of time looking at clothes in SL that there all kinds of creative minds here. Visual and graphic artists, performing artists, writers. Aemeth brings you a mix of real world art as well as some amazing digital art and photography. If you ever log into SL an wonder what you should do, you might take a minute and visit aemeth or any of the hundreds of other art galleries and show spaces available. You may not like it all, but you likely will be impressed anyway.

**Leather pants are from Sf Design (not free)


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