SGB - Festival by the Sea

There was a big party at SGB (Sounds Gravis Beach) recently and I missed it, but a good many of the party favors and some discounted items are still there if you visit and wander a bit along the boardwalks, including this free pack of tank tops from Connors. You get two version in multiple layers. The one left is the Organic tank, but there's a second with a faint strip on the fabric. Good, solid texture work on both of them.

You can also find two different pairs of swimming trunks from Connors for $50L each. The ones pictured is Batik Towel, with a vibrant print across the hips and a plain crotch panel. It only comes in a pant layer but does have prim cuffs and a drawstring detail prim.

Connors was also offering some bright batik style beach wraps for the ladies and some Hawaiian shirts for the guys (or unisex.) These discounts will be good until the end of August.

It's all about the beach at SGB (and the music) and further along the boardwalk will net you this very nice tattoo from Daisuki (two styles, front and back ink) and close to that is this board pose with board and another to hang on your house to make your surf cred solid from +PLUS.

There were other gifts to be found (pictures below): a Festa Sofa from +PLUS, a very cool clock from Chabinns!, a set of three lamps and a set of wall decals from {what next?}, SGB-A4 speakers from high_end audio system, household items and shirts. I didn't go into every store on the sim but some very well known designers are there (VitaMen, WMD, HyperCulture, {what next?}) offering free stuff or discounted items. There were also designers I didn't know, but was intrigued by.

So, put on your flip flops and take a stroll through the SGB Summer Festa.


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