Car Wash Cart Sale

Car Wash and The Wash sims are having a cart sale. It's kind of like a street festival with designers fom both sims contributing a few items, none of which are priced higher than $10L. I dint' make it far on Car Wash, it ws packed and the lag was killer, but The Wash was better and had the added bonus of being where Hell Bop had their cart. If you like the retro look, and you haven't head of Hell Bop, this would be a good time to check them out. I spent a whopping $50L and got everything I'm showing you. Their regular prices n stuff aren't bad either. So, take some time and drop can get these items and more, or you can just enjoy the retro feel of the sim. It's a win no matter what. (click for larger views)

Side note: I'm heading off for a very long weekend with some friends. I'll be back in town after the 1st. So, if there's no updates, be assured I'll come back ready to hunt again. Until then, be good to yourselves, and have an awesome weekend. (And don't forget to clear you inventories for the 5 billion hunts starting on the first.)

Skins: DEN-DOU & Redgrave
Hair: Detour Writer II
Tats: V3

Weekend Retreat

Yves over at Fashion Freebies for Men tipped me off to the choker being offered by PRETURB/ation. It's a seriously nice piece of men's jewelery, but that's not the only thing being offered as an opening gift -- and not just by PRETURB/ation, but by the sim group, collectively known as [PLUTO+]. If you join the [PLUTO+] group and follow the paths of this beautifully laid out sim, you'll find a whole new way of living -- and I mean that kind of literally.

Zacca is offering this amazing small garden house. It's beautifully textured and pretty spacious for its size. It's got a relatively small foot print and at 42 prims (rez in edit mode), it offers a really nice way to live without eating up all the prims on a 512 lot. Texture and detail are amazingly nice, and the diffuse light is built into the build.

And in truth, the other offerings also give you great style at low prims without sacrificing look or quality. Also on offer is nonino's Swing Bench (prop) at 8 prims (in 2 sections) that offers two sits and a quiet place to enjoy.

If you keep heading down the path, Clematis will gift you with this three draw workable chest (8 prims) and this really nice potted calendula (6 prims). That doesn't quite furnish your weekend house in the woods, but it's a good start. I've no idea how long these gifts will be out, but I wouldn't wait. The sim is Bacio -- and take some time to explore, there's all kinds of surprises waiting for you there.

And if you are planning a weekend in the country, you might want to pick up some casual clothes for kicking around in the woods. Equilibrium has you covered, yet again, with this nice T-shirt, (YB)-jr.hak (Camisa), as their weekly freebie, and these graphic jeans, Jeans (Calca)(02)(Brasil), as the Prizes for Picks.

The belt, cinto Anatine fexado (marron), you see here will be in an upcoming Midnight Mania prize --something you can wear with more than the jeans you get as a prize. Make note of the slurl and pick up a new landmark, as the store has moved.

And while you are relaxing this weekend, you might do a little bargain hunting: The Shopatorium at Gallinas is having a mini hunt, and if you go tip-toeing through the tulips, you might find some nice harbingers of spring , like this full body vine tattoo being offered by our own Guen at .:CoLLisions:.. Multiple layers with a vine motif, and a pectoral-centered Cherokee star. Other finds at the Shopatorium are garden goods, poses, springtime pooka pals, and jewelry. Start at Sable Rose and work your way around the shopping area -- you are looking for red tulips. The hunt only goes to the 1st.

Also here:
Choker - [P/a] PLUTO+ Male choker: PRETURB/ation
Hair - Writer II - Black: [Detour] (not free - $200L)
Skin= Ichiro -Bronz- /02 Stubble (with Body Hair): DEN-DOU (not free)

Back to the Future

Nik had a plan: the plan was to go hunting for Gothic, accessories, clothes, run the gamut and see what was available for the ambitious but pocket poor Goth follower.

The pickings were scarily thin, possibly because there's another Twisted Hunt coming up, or because not a few of the Valentine's hunts turned a little Gothic as well. But, just because the journey doesn't end up where you expected, doesn't mean it wasn't worth the time it took.

Dark Closet was the first shot. The kilt pictured was an earlier drop from the DSN network, and following up on the DSN offerings that really appeal, is on the long list of ways to find free or discounted stuff. That led to this Torn Chainmail Outfit and this Assassin Outfit in Blue.

But, those finds gave an excuse to show off the preview for Sable Rose's offering in the next Twisted Hunt, which Rosie Barthelmess was kind enough to forward. She'd previously offered up a set of collars called The Poisoner and the Poisoner's Wife, and now she steps away from the jewelry she makes so well to offer up The Poisoner's Son Men's Arm Cuff & Dagger, in two versions -- one blooded and one not. She put the same fine detail in this she does in all her work. It's not out yet, but look for it when Twisted starts up again on March 1st. And since the look was pseudo gothic, hunting up hair became a sidestep. .:hct:. was on the list of places to check -- but the actual find was on Xstreetsl -- where a combo of 11 fat packs of retired men's hair styles can be foundfro $1L, including the ponytail pictured.

While poking around at Inedit, I tripped over this fiver pack of buckled shirts for free, from Fire Roses. These are basic system shirts, and came fitting more loosely than shown, but the folded placard front is a favorite, and tightening the wear up a bit actually made the texture - which is pretty damn detailed -- look a lot cleaner.

The last veer off the beaten gothic path led to the Jet Lag sim of all places, which is in the process of being retrofied in some really fun ways. A stop in at the local high school produced this leather jacket - JohnnyD- from J.FIN; nice retro detail and a great way to finish up a hunt that wasn't successful, but was far less than a total failure.

And, just for fun, also on the Jet Lag sim is JUICE which often has some great finds and gifts but this time -- the hunt they have going is the Potty Mouth hunt, and while normally averse to the sillier mouth attachments -- this one was a keeper. Because, really, how often do you find yourself wanting to say, just that?

other items pictured:
=Zenith=Sweater hat hair-Male SAH 7

The Streets of SL

From xstreetsl are these two casual sweater from *ARAI*: left is a blue long sleeve Sweat shirt style in blue and right is Long T Pocket tee in purple. The notice says they are also available in the shop, but this is like delivery gourmet meals: why go out and pick it up when someone is nice enough to drop it off right at your door?

While I was poking around on xstreet, I made a find that made me very happy. PRAVDA offers up gorgeous sculpt staues with amazing baked textures. Pravda Core's work is a little pricey for my pocket at the moment (costs for individual pieces run between $1000 and $3000 and he's working on new furniture and houses -- which really, is pretty reasonable for this kind of detail sculpt work); but I've picked up a couple of things and am saving for more. I'd never have seen this, because it's not a shop you check regularly, like you do your favorite clothing stores.

PRAVDA is offering a free Gothic Couture Citadel skybox. This is a 33 prim, two room skybox with custom sculpt elements and textures, baked finishes and some amazing details. It has a 30x30 footprint, so it won't fit on most 512 lots even at such a low prim count, but it will on a 1024 parcel. It comes in a faux rez and is copyable and modifiable. (the exterior is the PRAVDA logo, which is cool if you are a few 100 feet up, but if you want to, you can modify the exterior texture to be something less textual .)

The pictures here don't really do it justice (click to enlarge them): the central floor between the rooms is sunken, lighting elements are textured in. One room has the original sculpture in a shallow pool of water with fog elements, the other has this long built in console table. It's elegant enough to serve as a primary residence and dark enough to serve as your dungeon or RP meeting hall.

You can find it behind the graveyard in the cave, but take some time to look at his other amazing work. You won't be sorry.

Au Revoir Ora Trei

Potnia Theas Of Ora Trei is focusing on her RL career and SL is going to have to say goodbye to yet another fine designer. We can regret that and still wish her all the success in all worlds.

Ora Trei is better known for women's fashion than men's but she does carry a small line of pretty unique stuff in her shop. They range from funky to functional to fancy. you aren't going to find anything free in her closing sale, but you may well find one or two things that are worth givng up a couple of hundred lindens to own. You won't get the chance again. through the 17th, everything in her main store is $100L. If you do nothing else, buy nothing else, stop in and get one of her 007 Tuxedos. They are hands above most of the free ones you can find on the grid even if they aren't quite to the expansive detail (or price ) of say, Styles of Edo. if you plan on taking your SL sweetheart anywhere this weekend for Valentines day, you won't find a better bargain, or a tuxedo that will serve you well from here on out. They come in multiple color options, with or without cumberbun and shirt and jacket layers. (pictured is the forest Green set, without the tux shirt or tie. Vest and tailored jacket.)

The menswear is housed in a single room of the store, maybe a dozen or so choices, from uber casual to clearly couture. Not all of it suits every taste, obviously but for a couple of hundred lindens you can expand your workable wardrobe. Remember, it's only there until the 17th, so don't put it off.

Left: High View - full set including hat, multiple layers, feather options. Center: Leif -pants and semi sheer top in multiple layers. Pants come both in long as pictured and short with cuffs. There's also coordinating neck wrap/tie. Right: Park Place Pants -- may be in the VIP part of the store complex, which is almost all women's, but I liked the texture and style with these . There are optional upper thigh casings and ties, plus belt. I paired it here with the shirt layer from the tuxedo set.

Also in the VIP store are these calf boots called "Stomp";
black leather and buckles, heel spurs in silver.

click all pictures for larger views.

Shrug it off

Upper shoulder shrugs seem to be the new style and trend for both men and women, and a couple of gifts and hunt items reflect that. The Black Canary is offering up two items, plus a bonus in the Tainted Heart hunt on the Necrosis Noctis sim (yes, a different tainted heart). Items are not free but at $6L each it's not a strain and you can check before you buy since there are items for men and women as well as non clothing, non-skin items.

The first is this black knit and furred shrug called Regret
(left). There's some frills and ruffles you can opt out of in the outfit. It comes in a jacket layer so you can add your favorite tank to it if it's still too cold to go bare-chested. Or you can surrender the shrug for this trimmed out hoodie called Malice (right), also by Black Canary. Options for hood are up and down and Morrigan has a knack for hats and hoods you can actually wear with your existing hair. Hair in both pics is Rob by Amacci, part of their sale. Jeans left are Funk Pants from .:Robbish:. (not free). Jeans left are also from Rob, and are free. Boots are the SAH prize at #BeforeSleep#.

Equilibrium is offering up this blue rolled turtleneck shrug as their weekly freebie. They've been putting out some pretty cool things in their weeklies, as well as what you might tap into the other offerings they have. Check the second floor for the MM board. I paired it here with the short pants and leggings you can get from JetCity (blogged before) as well as the $30L sale hair -- Morgan -- from Amacci. The socks and suspenders are from the MHOH2 gift from *Mire* and the tennies are from the SAH hunt at .:Robbish:. and are still available.

Speaking of .:Robbish:., there's more than hunt items worth grabbing at Rob's store. Granted, the Funk Pants I'm wearing in the picture top left, will run you $149L -- but they are part of the "A New Man" stamp card hunt and with them you get a stamp card that you can redeem for at least one free item . Also at Robbish are a pair of distressed "one shot" jeans for free and this sweater Rob calls "The Hobo" -- underlying red pattern shirt under a zippered and worn sweater (all one jacket layer) for$10L.

And while I know I've sent you there a lot, lately, you might want to cruise by Mimi's Choice for Men one more time. She's got a lucky chair in the shop now, and the current prize is this red down jacket from Gabriel, for both men and women (yes, both in the box). I'm not usually all that big on puffed jackets in SL, but I admit I like this one a lot -- it's not a fussy wear, you can wear other things under it and it doesnt' take up every single attachment point on your upper torso. I'm wearing it here with a thr group gift from Find Ash, Amacci's Morgan hair, the leather pants form F2H (previously blogged and the Judd boots that are the boys SAH prize from #BeforeSleep#

Add ImageHair:
Amacci hair sale - red carpet room -$30L per pack: Morgan ~Jet Black & Rob ~Dark Brown

#BeforeSleep# Judd Boot (SAH) BOYZ - #153
Robbish - Red & Black Tennies -(SAH) BOYZ - #43
Mire* - Socks/Suspenders Black (from MHOH2)

Robbish - Denim Shot $0L & Funk Pants: includes pants cuffs w/bandannas. pockets, belt and lanyard. Part of A New Man stamp card hunt @ $149L.

Equilibrium -(EQ(GT)(Azul)(Prime) Shrug - free weekly
The Black Canary - Necrosis Noctis sim wide hunt $6L/item: Regret Shrug
Robbish - TheHobo (+Sweater) RED $10L

The Black Canary - Necrosis Noctis sim wide hunt $6L/item: Malice Jacket
Mimi's Choice presents Gabriel RED Down jacket (Lucky Chair)

Fiction & Condensed Chaos - Consume (mouth candy) from the Tainted heart hunt (previously blogged)
V3 Tattoo - Veritas
Skin by Redgrave: Emil
Scarf/Necklace combo - Find Ash Group gift
Thumb Ring from Gabriel at Mimi's Choice

Just an FYI, the group pool on flickr for Designer Spotlight is open if you want to share your own finds.

Fancy Foot Work

Where I am, it's been raining for days. And it's cold, so I sent the elf out again to do my hunting for me. Everyone is gearing up for Valentine's day and the theme is warming things up a bit.

Zanzo sent out this Amore Caliente long sleeved tee to their group. Joining the group is no longer free, but they are pretty generous with their gifts which range from shirts to shoes to skins, so, when you have a spare group slot and a couple hundred extra Linden's, you might want to think about it.

These leather pants from F2H aren't valentine themed but they are free this month at their main store. Low cut, nice detail and texture, add on cuffs, very sleek.

Swaffette at SF Design has already put out her February gift - a set of blue silk pajamas, but her gift in January was this pair of Shearling boots in several boot top styles. (The folded top is pictured) and you can still get them, for now, at Mimi's Choice.

Wandering around the House Islands usually yields something new every couple fo days (there are already several new stores in since I was there last week) and Kyr stuck his head into the women's side of Mimi's and spotted these brown suede and studded low heeled boots with a rolled knit top from M.E.B at Mimi's Choice and gave them a shot. They have a simple, straight design making them flexible and minimal embellishment. They have a resize script in the upper boot, and are a nice change from the usual choices of black, dark brown, or grey boots.

Kyr is also wearing:
Hair: -=H2L=- Shun DirtyBlond
Eyes: Eyes Venus -Blue- *REDGRAVE* (free)
Skin: [LeLutka]-ABSOLUTE-pale-hair-faceB_1
Rage Ears: Plastik (previous group gift.)
Oral Fixation: Consume from Fiction&Chaos (free in the tainted love hunt)

Show Your Love With terri.tees!

Yeah a while back I mentioned some great $1L t-shirts that were being swapped in and about from Terri Wardell's shop in January.

Well she's back with some cute Valentine's t-shirts that are FREE up until the big V-day, itself.


Each is made with a graphic from those cute lil' sappy Valentines we all used to give out as kids in school and some even more adorable (and sometimes sassy) verbiage along with them.

There's no swapping out of shirts this time. She's got them all in one huge pack at the store... for FREE! Each is Unisex and comes in Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt layers with an underpants layer again for that "tucked" look.

Grab them all down at terri.tees while you still can. :-)


What Boy Guen is also Wearing:

Hair: Tiny Bird ~ Winter (Pepper)
Skin: Tuli ~ male prototype bloggers gift (not available)
Jewelry: Sable Rose ~ Coexist Men's Set

Tainted Love part two

I had to bandage some wounds and trade bloody clothes for cleaner -- not that it matters. Expect a lot of blood, and a not a few sharp implements on your hunt. But, you'll find plenty of ways to work out your frustrations.

#1 Yellow Jester is actually the driving force behind the hunt - and just to get you started, they offer you this homage to past loves with a keepsake of My First Boyfriend, his handsome head lovingly displayed in this collectible keepsake jar.

#6 Bellissima! offers you the cursed Kilt; glitch pants, kilts in black and red, handy belt with all your cursing needs and an arm guard with syringes in case you need to subdue your victim calm your lover before you curse them, and boots so you can kick them in case cursing isn't enough. You also get a pulsing heart in a jar -- I'm not telling you whose heart is in mine. The set also comes with 6 sets of suitably tainted eyes.

From #9 Rasetsukoku, you get skins. the male version is Dominus - My heart is yours. Which is a little messy, so it's a good thing that Forsaken gives you this strappy top to wear with it. The blood kind of soaks into the leather; you hardly even notice it.

Once you cut out your heart for your love with help from Rasetsukoku, #2 +DV8+ gives you the option of encasing it in a cybernetic chamber so you can continue to function. (I mean, this is a tainted love hunt, not a Zombie hunt -- you kind of need your heart to keep going. ) Pulsing, pumping heart, right out there for all to see, with color and glow options.

From #3 Mia Snow comes a set of 4 multi-layer tainted heart tattoos which actually make a pretty cool back drop for you heart on display.

If you want a little more of a display...#4 SMOTD give you this rather statement making display case, multiple poses, for showing off the Object of My Affection. You might need those syringes after all.

Once the object of your affection knows you mean business, #42 Frosting Ink and #56 Fiction & Chaos, make sure you keep that bittersweet taste of love in your mouth. Fiction & Chaos gives you Consume, a beaded rosary type necklace sure to satisfy your oral fixation...if you're fond of raw heart. It's kind of like sushi, I hear.

And in case your love doubts your affection, Frosting Ink, gives you another heart in your mouth treat with a bit of an edge, to remind you that Love Hurts. You've heard that promise about walking over glass for the one you love, well, swallowing razorblades just takes that oath of devotion up a notch. (It may notch your throat and intestines too...but all in the name of love. )

Sometimes love doesn't work out and #40 Lar's Workshop, offers Jack Was Here, a full body set of blood and scratches to how how mightily you struggled with love. Bloody but unbowed ... multiple layers and facial versions from scars to wounds, adjustable and very cool.

Then from #39 LNL, comes this handsome outfit, pants and shirt, and if all your bids to gain your love's attention have failed, they even offer a comforting hand on your shoulder to remind you that it will be okay.

If you still are having trouble either proving your love (or escaping from it), then #61 Oddment may offer you the ultimate in tainted love -- a full Voodoo Avatar complete with pins to make sure you can target your curses appropriately and a lovely little bleeding heart droplet tree...which can double as a vampire feeding station if you're not in the mood to host hungry visitors.

There's more, but I think I need a blood transfusion before I get back into the Love is a Battlefield Mode

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