Au Revoir Ora Trei

Potnia Theas Of Ora Trei is focusing on her RL career and SL is going to have to say goodbye to yet another fine designer. We can regret that and still wish her all the success in all worlds.

Ora Trei is better known for women's fashion than men's but she does carry a small line of pretty unique stuff in her shop. They range from funky to functional to fancy. you aren't going to find anything free in her closing sale, but you may well find one or two things that are worth givng up a couple of hundred lindens to own. You won't get the chance again. through the 17th, everything in her main store is $100L. If you do nothing else, buy nothing else, stop in and get one of her 007 Tuxedos. They are hands above most of the free ones you can find on the grid even if they aren't quite to the expansive detail (or price ) of say, Styles of Edo. if you plan on taking your SL sweetheart anywhere this weekend for Valentines day, you won't find a better bargain, or a tuxedo that will serve you well from here on out. They come in multiple color options, with or without cumberbun and shirt and jacket layers. (pictured is the forest Green set, without the tux shirt or tie. Vest and tailored jacket.)

The menswear is housed in a single room of the store, maybe a dozen or so choices, from uber casual to clearly couture. Not all of it suits every taste, obviously but for a couple of hundred lindens you can expand your workable wardrobe. Remember, it's only there until the 17th, so don't put it off.

Left: High View - full set including hat, multiple layers, feather options. Center: Leif -pants and semi sheer top in multiple layers. Pants come both in long as pictured and short with cuffs. There's also coordinating neck wrap/tie. Right: Park Place Pants -- may be in the VIP part of the store complex, which is almost all women's, but I liked the texture and style with these . There are optional upper thigh casings and ties, plus belt. I paired it here with the shirt layer from the tuxedo set.

Also in the VIP store are these calf boots called "Stomp";
black leather and buckles, heel spurs in silver.

click all pictures for larger views.


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