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Upper shoulder shrugs seem to be the new style and trend for both men and women, and a couple of gifts and hunt items reflect that. The Black Canary is offering up two items, plus a bonus in the Tainted Heart hunt on the Necrosis Noctis sim (yes, a different tainted heart). Items are not free but at $6L each it's not a strain and you can check before you buy since there are items for men and women as well as non clothing, non-skin items.

The first is this black knit and furred shrug called Regret
(left). There's some frills and ruffles you can opt out of in the outfit. It comes in a jacket layer so you can add your favorite tank to it if it's still too cold to go bare-chested. Or you can surrender the shrug for this trimmed out hoodie called Malice (right), also by Black Canary. Options for hood are up and down and Morrigan has a knack for hats and hoods you can actually wear with your existing hair. Hair in both pics is Rob by Amacci, part of their sale. Jeans left are Funk Pants from .:Robbish:. (not free). Jeans left are also from Rob, and are free. Boots are the SAH prize at #BeforeSleep#.

Equilibrium is offering up this blue rolled turtleneck shrug as their weekly freebie. They've been putting out some pretty cool things in their weeklies, as well as what you might tap into the other offerings they have. Check the second floor for the MM board. I paired it here with the short pants and leggings you can get from JetCity (blogged before) as well as the $30L sale hair -- Morgan -- from Amacci. The socks and suspenders are from the MHOH2 gift from *Mire* and the tennies are from the SAH hunt at .:Robbish:. and are still available.

Speaking of .:Robbish:., there's more than hunt items worth grabbing at Rob's store. Granted, the Funk Pants I'm wearing in the picture top left, will run you $149L -- but they are part of the "A New Man" stamp card hunt and with them you get a stamp card that you can redeem for at least one free item . Also at Robbish are a pair of distressed "one shot" jeans for free and this sweater Rob calls "The Hobo" -- underlying red pattern shirt under a zippered and worn sweater (all one jacket layer) for$10L.

And while I know I've sent you there a lot, lately, you might want to cruise by Mimi's Choice for Men one more time. She's got a lucky chair in the shop now, and the current prize is this red down jacket from Gabriel, for both men and women (yes, both in the box). I'm not usually all that big on puffed jackets in SL, but I admit I like this one a lot -- it's not a fussy wear, you can wear other things under it and it doesnt' take up every single attachment point on your upper torso. I'm wearing it here with a thr group gift from Find Ash, Amacci's Morgan hair, the leather pants form F2H (previously blogged and the Judd boots that are the boys SAH prize from #BeforeSleep#

Add ImageHair:
Amacci hair sale - red carpet room -$30L per pack: Morgan ~Jet Black & Rob ~Dark Brown

#BeforeSleep# Judd Boot (SAH) BOYZ - #153
Robbish - Red & Black Tennies -(SAH) BOYZ - #43
Mire* - Socks/Suspenders Black (from MHOH2)

Robbish - Denim Shot $0L & Funk Pants: includes pants cuffs w/bandannas. pockets, belt and lanyard. Part of A New Man stamp card hunt @ $149L.

Equilibrium -(EQ(GT)(Azul)(Prime) Shrug - free weekly
The Black Canary - Necrosis Noctis sim wide hunt $6L/item: Regret Shrug
Robbish - TheHobo (+Sweater) RED $10L

The Black Canary - Necrosis Noctis sim wide hunt $6L/item: Malice Jacket
Mimi's Choice presents Gabriel RED Down jacket (Lucky Chair)

Fiction & Condensed Chaos - Consume (mouth candy) from the Tainted heart hunt (previously blogged)
V3 Tattoo - Veritas
Skin by Redgrave: Emil
Scarf/Necklace combo - Find Ash Group gift
Thumb Ring from Gabriel at Mimi's Choice

Just an FYI, the group pool on flickr for Designer Spotlight is open if you want to share your own finds.


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