Show Your Love With terri.tees!

Yeah a while back I mentioned some great $1L t-shirts that were being swapped in and about from Terri Wardell's shop in January.

Well she's back with some cute Valentine's t-shirts that are FREE up until the big V-day, itself.


Each is made with a graphic from those cute lil' sappy Valentines we all used to give out as kids in school and some even more adorable (and sometimes sassy) verbiage along with them.

There's no swapping out of shirts this time. She's got them all in one huge pack at the store... for FREE! Each is Unisex and comes in Jacket, Shirt, and Undershirt layers with an underpants layer again for that "tucked" look.

Grab them all down at terri.tees while you still can. :-)


What Boy Guen is also Wearing:

Hair: Tiny Bird ~ Winter (Pepper)
Skin: Tuli ~ male prototype bloggers gift (not available)
Jewelry: Sable Rose ~ Coexist Men's Set


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