Back to the Future

Nik had a plan: the plan was to go hunting for Gothic, accessories, clothes, run the gamut and see what was available for the ambitious but pocket poor Goth follower.

The pickings were scarily thin, possibly because there's another Twisted Hunt coming up, or because not a few of the Valentine's hunts turned a little Gothic as well. But, just because the journey doesn't end up where you expected, doesn't mean it wasn't worth the time it took.

Dark Closet was the first shot. The kilt pictured was an earlier drop from the DSN network, and following up on the DSN offerings that really appeal, is on the long list of ways to find free or discounted stuff. That led to this Torn Chainmail Outfit and this Assassin Outfit in Blue.

But, those finds gave an excuse to show off the preview for Sable Rose's offering in the next Twisted Hunt, which Rosie Barthelmess was kind enough to forward. She'd previously offered up a set of collars called The Poisoner and the Poisoner's Wife, and now she steps away from the jewelry she makes so well to offer up The Poisoner's Son Men's Arm Cuff & Dagger, in two versions -- one blooded and one not. She put the same fine detail in this she does in all her work. It's not out yet, but look for it when Twisted starts up again on March 1st. And since the look was pseudo gothic, hunting up hair became a sidestep. .:hct:. was on the list of places to check -- but the actual find was on Xstreetsl -- where a combo of 11 fat packs of retired men's hair styles can be foundfro $1L, including the ponytail pictured.

While poking around at Inedit, I tripped over this fiver pack of buckled shirts for free, from Fire Roses. These are basic system shirts, and came fitting more loosely than shown, but the folded placard front is a favorite, and tightening the wear up a bit actually made the texture - which is pretty damn detailed -- look a lot cleaner.

The last veer off the beaten gothic path led to the Jet Lag sim of all places, which is in the process of being retrofied in some really fun ways. A stop in at the local high school produced this leather jacket - JohnnyD- from J.FIN; nice retro detail and a great way to finish up a hunt that wasn't successful, but was far less than a total failure.

And, just for fun, also on the Jet Lag sim is JUICE which often has some great finds and gifts but this time -- the hunt they have going is the Potty Mouth hunt, and while normally averse to the sillier mouth attachments -- this one was a keeper. Because, really, how often do you find yourself wanting to say, just that?

other items pictured:
=Zenith=Sweater hat hair-Male SAH 7


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