The Streets of SL

From xstreetsl are these two casual sweater from *ARAI*: left is a blue long sleeve Sweat shirt style in blue and right is Long T Pocket tee in purple. The notice says they are also available in the shop, but this is like delivery gourmet meals: why go out and pick it up when someone is nice enough to drop it off right at your door?

While I was poking around on xstreet, I made a find that made me very happy. PRAVDA offers up gorgeous sculpt staues with amazing baked textures. Pravda Core's work is a little pricey for my pocket at the moment (costs for individual pieces run between $1000 and $3000 and he's working on new furniture and houses -- which really, is pretty reasonable for this kind of detail sculpt work); but I've picked up a couple of things and am saving for more. I'd never have seen this, because it's not a shop you check regularly, like you do your favorite clothing stores.

PRAVDA is offering a free Gothic Couture Citadel skybox. This is a 33 prim, two room skybox with custom sculpt elements and textures, baked finishes and some amazing details. It has a 30x30 footprint, so it won't fit on most 512 lots even at such a low prim count, but it will on a 1024 parcel. It comes in a faux rez and is copyable and modifiable. (the exterior is the PRAVDA logo, which is cool if you are a few 100 feet up, but if you want to, you can modify the exterior texture to be something less textual .)

The pictures here don't really do it justice (click to enlarge them): the central floor between the rooms is sunken, lighting elements are textured in. One room has the original sculpture in a shallow pool of water with fog elements, the other has this long built in console table. It's elegant enough to serve as a primary residence and dark enough to serve as your dungeon or RP meeting hall.

You can find it behind the graveyard in the cave, but take some time to look at his other amazing work. You won't be sorry.


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