Weekend Retreat

Yves over at Fashion Freebies for Men tipped me off to the choker being offered by PRETURB/ation. It's a seriously nice piece of men's jewelery, but that's not the only thing being offered as an opening gift -- and not just by PRETURB/ation, but by the sim group, collectively known as [PLUTO+]. If you join the [PLUTO+] group and follow the paths of this beautifully laid out sim, you'll find a whole new way of living -- and I mean that kind of literally.

Zacca is offering this amazing small garden house. It's beautifully textured and pretty spacious for its size. It's got a relatively small foot print and at 42 prims (rez in edit mode), it offers a really nice way to live without eating up all the prims on a 512 lot. Texture and detail are amazingly nice, and the diffuse light is built into the build.

And in truth, the other offerings also give you great style at low prims without sacrificing look or quality. Also on offer is nonino's Swing Bench (prop) at 8 prims (in 2 sections) that offers two sits and a quiet place to enjoy.

If you keep heading down the path, Clematis will gift you with this three draw workable chest (8 prims) and this really nice potted calendula (6 prims). That doesn't quite furnish your weekend house in the woods, but it's a good start. I've no idea how long these gifts will be out, but I wouldn't wait. The sim is Bacio -- and take some time to explore, there's all kinds of surprises waiting for you there.

And if you are planning a weekend in the country, you might want to pick up some casual clothes for kicking around in the woods. Equilibrium has you covered, yet again, with this nice T-shirt, (YB)-jr.hak (Camisa), as their weekly freebie, and these graphic jeans, Jeans (Calca)(02)(Brasil), as the Prizes for Picks.

The belt, cinto Anatine fexado (marron), you see here will be in an upcoming Midnight Mania prize --something you can wear with more than the jeans you get as a prize. Make note of the slurl and pick up a new landmark, as the store has moved.

And while you are relaxing this weekend, you might do a little bargain hunting: The Shopatorium at Gallinas is having a mini hunt, and if you go tip-toeing through the tulips, you might find some nice harbingers of spring , like this full body vine tattoo being offered by our own Guen at .:CoLLisions:.. Multiple layers with a vine motif, and a pectoral-centered Cherokee star. Other finds at the Shopatorium are garden goods, poses, springtime pooka pals, and jewelry. Start at Sable Rose and work your way around the shopping area -- you are looking for red tulips. The hunt only goes to the 1st.

Also here:
Choker - [P/a] PLUTO+ Male choker: PRETURB/ation
Hair - Writer II - Black: [Detour] (not free - $200L)
Skin= Ichiro -Bronz- /02 Stubble (with Body Hair): DEN-DOU (not free)


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