Car Wash Cart Sale

Car Wash and The Wash sims are having a cart sale. It's kind of like a street festival with designers fom both sims contributing a few items, none of which are priced higher than $10L. I dint' make it far on Car Wash, it ws packed and the lag was killer, but The Wash was better and had the added bonus of being where Hell Bop had their cart. If you like the retro look, and you haven't head of Hell Bop, this would be a good time to check them out. I spent a whopping $50L and got everything I'm showing you. Their regular prices n stuff aren't bad either. So, take some time and drop can get these items and more, or you can just enjoy the retro feel of the sim. It's a win no matter what. (click for larger views)

Side note: I'm heading off for a very long weekend with some friends. I'll be back in town after the 1st. So, if there's no updates, be assured I'll come back ready to hunt again. Until then, be good to yourselves, and have an awesome weekend. (And don't forget to clear you inventories for the 5 billion hunts starting on the first.)

Skins: DEN-DOU & Redgrave
Hair: Detour Writer II
Tats: V3


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