Spring Sales & Hunts & Things....

Rfyre's $10L retirement sale - doesn't happen very often and take a closer look at some of the women's things:

Left: Rfyre - Trammel in black (bronze also available) two shirt types: open laced and solid. Belted pants. ($10L)

Necklace: [PRETURB/ation] [P/a] Group gift - Periapsis: copper & turquoise, large links, heavy turquoise ovals with accents. (free)

Bracelet (left arm): [
P/a] Uranus - men's bracelet - silver, copper, leather and turquoise (not free)

Bracelet (
right arm): ::Gabriel:: crest bracelet black (not free - group only)

Right: Rfyre
Chromatique black (women's). The men's Chromatique is also on sale but I like the shirt on the women's better. Since they are both $10L, for $20L you can get a nice mix and match including the fringed top boots. Keyhole open neck, chain-mail like pants and trim. Knee high boots laced and fringed.
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Left: Rfyre Stripes pants (women's but with no actual buttons or zipper, it hardly matters) brilliant color, modifiable for boots or wear as is with the flare.

The top is part of the Vinyl cowboy set from A:S:S. Not free, but the whole set is $150 and including two sets of leather pants - one full legged style and, as well as a chaps version, multiple layer versions and ways to mix and match, accenting buckles at throat. arm and thigh. There's a bulge for the pants and laces there too. If you'd pay $30-50L for individual pieces you like, this gives you a lot of options for not a lot of lindens.

Necklace: Sable Rose from the Ostara Hunt. Double pendant with a pentagram and triple sun cartouche on a leather cord.

Speaking of A:S:S (we were, weren't we?) Photos is also having a sale. Not that he needs to; his stuff is pretty damn reasonable. But, if you do want a new pair of leather pants, you can pick these up for $30L and the suspenders for $80L (not part of the sale) to go with the awesome Lady Gaga t-shirt F2H is giving away this month. (just in case you missed the free leather pants F2H was giving away last month.)

And just a heads up: I'm going to be doing a post on stripper wear soon. Dancing/Hosting/DJing at the many many clubs in SL is one of the most common ways to earn lindens for those of us on a budget and probably the question I get asked most about in world (where, how, what do you need, is it difficult, etc.) . I don't host and I couldn't DJ to save my life, but dancing I can do. (funny how much better a dancer I am in SL ~grins~), If I can tap one of my female dancer friends to help, I'll try to make it for both sexes, but my own resources are pretty much limited to the guys. If you've ever been interested and have questions, getting them into the comments here before I post would let me answer them when I do post on it -- probably in the next week or so.


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