Goth Revisited - +Calamity+

When Nik went hunting for Goth clothing a while back, he obviously didn't look hard enough. +Calamity+ was a tip from a friend, and a pretty fantastic one at that. Heavy on the monochrome but with hints of red here and there and not relying too heavily on the skull sculpties but on the weight of heavy fabrics and metal accents. Seriously well put together outfits, themed and packaged in a way that makes you think there's a story behind every one of them.

There are three outfits and a tattoo in the men's section, all for $1L, and a lucky chair (see left: Mr. No is one prize, complete as seen without the boots) that had me standing there for a good hour to get the three or four outfits it's loaded with. And they are all men's outfits. The ladies have their own lucky chair and discounts.

And, if you are willing to part with a few lindens, the discount wall has some nice grabs for $130-$150L too. given that most of the rest of the offerings at Calamity run in the $300-500L range, you could do a helluva lot worse. (Right is Big Gun at $130L).

There's not a lot of layering, but, there are multiple wear options: with or without kilts and undershirts, an assortment of buckles, chains and belts with each outfit. Textures run the range from mesh to leather to dark brocade-like fabrics.

Left to right at $1L each: Dark Entries, Telegram Sam, The Passenger (with wings). Click for larger views.

So, if you are looking to expand your gothic repertoire, or, you are just looking to start one, you might want to visit +Calamity+ and see if Ariel and Candy, the creative minds behind the line, don't strike the right note for you.


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