Relay For Life Clothing Fair 2010

I, admittedly, did not hit Clothing Fair looking for freebies; they are there -- check Brocade Tiger on CF New Dehli, Sartoria on CF Milan, Peeps at CF Rio deJaneiro for starters. I took a virtual pocket for money and an eye toward spending it all on a good cause, because that's what Clothing Fair is really about, raising money for the American Cancer Society- Relay for Life and it's International affiliates, and raising awareness about how much cancer in all it's forms, lethal and non-lethal affects pretty much everyone at one time or another.

My own RL family feels like it's seen a disproportionate amount of it; my mother died from breast cancer, my aunt (my mother's sister), my own sister, a male first cousin and myself have all been treated for breast cancer, and another male cousin -- close to me in age -- also died from cancer a little over a year ago. So, guys, if you think prostate cancer is the only biggee you have to worry about due to all the television and pharma ads covering it and treatments for it -- think again.

Stop by CF Paris where Rfyre has a display and read Raven's note about her father, who is also fighting it. Breast cancer in men is on the rise and it's treatable for the most part but it entirely depends on early detection for the amazing survival rate they are starting to see.

I'll end my PSA here, but when you visit Clothing Fair (and you
should!) remember why it's there and help out if you can - $5L or $5000L, you don't have to buy something to donate and you won't find a better cause to toss it at. The impact of the RFL effort in-world isn't insignificant.

If you are inclined, here are some examples of what you can get from the actual donation vendors in various shops, other creators are donating a portion of all sales to the effort so, really, you can get some great clothes and give to a good cause all at the same time.

What I found in the RFL kiosks:

Top Left: Brocade Tiger Sugar Babe suit $250L. Not new but still period classy and fun.

Center Right: Rfyre Leon Men's Tux Check Black $500L - elegant wear at a seriously nice price.

Left: The Black Canary's aptly named "Promise" for men at $400L, designed especially for Clothing Fair.

Peeps Fashion (CF Milan) had both a free gifts (above left: Peeps casual v-neck sweater brown ) and a special
$100L sale on everything including fatpacks (Below Left: Peeps casual turtleneck fatpack with jeans - this is burgundy,) portions of which would also be going to RFL. Marcy Wilson offered her usual reasonably priced ($200L for The Rock in Tan, above) men's fashion in her vendors, cause she is awesome like that.

Sartoria (upper right) has been offering men tastes of their specialized suits since I first rezzed and their Positano suit in white is no exception. It's a solid piece of business casual wear, and a good chance to see what the designer can do.

The link above brings you to the central plaza of the 9-sim extravaganza that is clothing fair. The music a is usually good, there are special events going on constantly -- remember to prim down, remove any scripts you don't need (which is most of them), and be prepared for some lag unless you go seriously early in the morning. The sims are rarely empty but the kind of middling times between international time zones -- say 3 a.m to 6 a.m. US East coast time (3 hours earlier than SL time) seem to have the least amount of activity.

You're gonna have to do some walking to find the men's stuff -- but that's what this is about. Even if you aren't on a Relay for Life Team -- that's what this benefit is about, taking the extra step, for those people who can't do it for themselves.


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