Old School

Turn of the previous century old, that is:

:F@C: [Fiction & Chaos] offered up this Clock maker's hat and hair as part of the Steampunk hunt. Was blogged here a couple of weeks back but it's fun enough to show again and the Steampunk hunt is over at the end of the month.

Via group gift (and available as a dollarbie from her shop) comes Erwan from Dany French Touch. Dany continues to give her group members fun and unique styles to play with, and she is now back (and much more suitably) in her own shop at New Toulouse Bayou (part of the Toulouse group of France-New Orleans/Creole influenced sims) Shirt, Vest and pants and a belt that comes both with and without your own copy of Le Monde. (And yes ladies, there are always gifts for you too.)

She also passed her members the slightly more formal Albin this morning: Lace collar and cravat, pearl brocaded waistcoat, white starched shirt and cuffs, black trousers.

Dany's Group costs $50L to join. but most of her gifts are later released as dollarbies, so there's no real way to lose here. (The way her group works has changed: Erwan is currently for sale in shop for $150L, Albin is a dollarbie. All the more reason to join the group. )

The boots here are (Shiny Things) Old Boots (for men) - hard black (not free).

The tattoo is the current *Connors* group gift (Mandara Art003 Tattoo) and the skin is The Librarian from iNflict (not free).

And while Not Strictly Old School, it kind of fits the vaguely Victorian theme to the theme. Hell Raise is currently in the lucky Chair for men at +Calamity+.

Hell Raiser has a closed vest and full skirt/coat bottom that (deliberately) never quite settles, plenty of chains and metal, A top hat to give you that punkish feel and dark nose-riding sunglasses that remind me of nothing so much as Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" video (albeit without the cake and dormouse.

The tattoos are part of the outfit as is the long muzzle loader worn on the hip. It's as much fancy as funky.

The hat and the belts are resizer controlled, so the whole thing can be a little script heavy. Once you've got them fitting the way you want, you may want to delete those scripts. The skin Kyr has on here has a scalp patch, but otherwise you'll need hair (unless you like the bald look.)


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