Grab it before Midnight.

Hoorenbeek extended their offer through tonight. Go get the goods!

I had things outside SL to do this weekend and almost missed this, so go fast. Hoorenbeek is offering up these very nice Olive slacks, high and low rise, multiple belt options. And for the ladies these extremely detailed cowboy boots -- which, gentlemen, you can wear (or most of you) if you size them up as high as they can go, wear your own favorite boot bases (I used the one from May creations Biker boots,) tweak the invisiprim and turn off the heel click. Or you can buy them from Hoorenbeck for the special price of $200L but only this weekend.

The shirt is this months freebie, Fair Isles vest, from SF Design, without the vest. The suspenders are from Robbish and are not free ($149L) but are actually the best I've found in SL so far.

So go. Most of these deals will be gone like Cinderella's pumpkin at midnight tonight.


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