The Steampunk Hunt is back and it's as whacky-weird-fun as it was last time. There's plenty of gear-busting, lots of mechanical toys, a dash of whimsy and of course, steam. But there's also so cool looks if you like your Victorian with a little rust and punk, so, here's a couple of examples of what the well-dressed Steampunk elf is wearing these days:

#41 Ali Couture: (Left) Steampunk unisex Jacket (collar tails makes the difference) in a rich sable brown, big buttons, frocked front and flares at the cuffs that move nicely.

#34 + ezura +: (Right) Steam Male Gift Outfit. A nice mellower brown, full cuffs collar and tails, to compliment the dark pants, vest and formal white shirt of the set.

Boots: Gothic Dreams - Broken Heart Boots (from the Broken Hearts Hunt. Check the store for availability.)

#28 .:Fiction & Chaos:.: The Clock Maker-Hat and hair. Clockpiece trimmings and a monocle too that can be worn up or down. The mouth candy is also from F&C, from their Tainted Heart hunt offering -- all of it done with the style, flair and fun Nix and Nicholi are known for.

#58 LNL Square: Offers another complete outfit down to the boots. The O-55 Steampunk outfit lives up to its name with a goggle festooned top hat that lets off the steam between your ears and a trailing scarf on the back to keep that condensation off your neck. Full Jacket and tails, all fancy fabric and fun textures with the added bonus of a watch and steampunk pistol just in case anyone thought you weren't serious in your pursuit of the perfect steam-driven dream.

The boots are foot only and meant to be worn with the pants (As the upper calf section, but there's no reason they couldn't be tucked into something else. They are actually kind of fun that way. (And not nearly as split toed as they look in the picture -- odd lighting. ) Male and female versions of this are on offer as well, in the same gift box.

It's 129 participating creators...you can do that in a couple of hours with your steam-powered attire.


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