MHOH3 - Separating the men from the boys

MHOH3 Started off with a lot less furor than past hunts; fewer masses of male (and female) AV's starting off in a cluster, like competitors at an Olympic freestyle run. A lot of the names of the creator participants are well known by now, and the few I didn't, I've been pretty pleased with.

Crowded start or not, I still tend to run from end to beginning, and while it's a an entirely unscientific assessment, I figured the hunt was going to be pretty damn good when the very first gift I get out of it is a really nice henley from #174 Sky Clothing. Comes in two colors, Navy & Cranberry with both long and short sleeve options.

I tucked it into these Basic LR Jeans in grey from #166 TuttiFrutti. Pocket glasses are a gift from Equilibrium MM board (not part of the hunt.)

From #122 Santero you get a whole Avatar. Angelo skin and shape, eyes,
Keitaro in Hessian hair from discordDesigns [dD], jeans, shirt, shoes and accessories...and as fond as I am of the skin I wear, I like this skin, both versions of it, a look you don't see often in SL.

The jeans come in both black and blue and have a lot of definition. They come with a separate belt buckle, useful elsewhere if you like it. Nothing but a win here. Hair below right is Lane Short hair in Mocha from #167 Pocket Mirrors.

#15 Gabriel (yes, I jumped. -grins- I like Gabriel) offers a loose open shirt, graphic Tee and washed denim jeans, casual and cool for spring, with the usual attention to details. (There's also a set of wrist chains for group members, and lucky chairs for both men and women.)

There's a lot to like on this hunt, some symbols are hidden better than others. I've been a little short on time lately, so most of what I will be posting will be highlights, but I've been impressed so far and at the moment, Yves over at Fashion Freebies for Men is doing a hell of a job covering the hunt (and he starts at the beginning.)

But I will be covering more and a spattering of other finds this weekend.

I expect you all to look like runway models by Friday.

*click pictures for larger images.

Biker Boots From Redgrave
Army Crop hair from MADesigns


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