The Hunt for the Perfect Henley

No, it's not a new grid-wide hunt -- although it kind of is. A personal one. See, I love Henley style shirts, and as far as I know they are a pretty enduring standard wardrobe accessory... only when I looked through my inventory...I had damn few...and that made me start thinking about what I buy and wear and how and why. So, I put the challenge to myself to find the perfect Henley and see if there was a huge amount of difference between them.

It's a slight step off from our usual posts here because other than the Henley's I had from old hunts none of these were free and the prices ranged from $50L to $185L (although the comparison isn't entirely level. Some of them came in dual packs, fatpacks, or multiwear options, so you know, take a pack and divide by the cost and some of these came in pretty damn reasonably.)

(Note: In keeping with the "Free Finds" part, there are three offerings at the end of the post: not Henleys)

So, to keep this fun and interesting, I'm proposing a game of sorts. I'm posting the pics here, but none of the pricing or designers. You vote which is the best Henley of the bunch and in a few days, I'll take the top three and list the designers of all of them, and the first person who matches them correctly, I'll buy you the Henley of your choice out of all of them.

Some of these are ostensibly for women but it didn't take long to realize that even the ones marketed for men specifically, can have the same telling mark -- i.e. the buttons are placed on the wrong side of the seam. (A little historical sidenote: the buttons on women's clothing sit to the left. The buttons on men's clothing sit to the right. It's a holdover from when people had dressers, and in some cases -- mostly women -- required assistance in dressing and the button orientation was set to assist the servants in their task. It's not as big of a deal now and even real life designers are beginning to let that little historical holdover have less influence but, there you have it -- a little bit of fashion history brought to you from Theatrical Costuming 101.)

The other downside to flipping women's clothing (not as easily done as women wearing men's clothing in SL or RL) is shading. Henley style shirts don't typically come with the kind of chest darts some women's tops and blouses do to give them shape. In SL designers use shading. Men's designers do as well; to give tight-fitting clothing muscle definition to show off these perfect bods we can choose to have. Shading can give depth to pixel renderings the same way texturing can, but the breast area can be a problem when you are trying to flip a shirt -- I'm fine with defined pecs, but there's a point where it's obvious it's a shirt made for women, no matter which side the buttons are on. It's more obvious the lighter the clothing color, where the contrast is more obvious.

History and style lesson over. The criteria for this little hunt was pretty straightforward; I went looking for:
1. Long sleeves
2. Single color
4. Unpatterned (Sorry Gypsy Soul)
4. Buttoned (I prefer open neck but I didn't make that a requirement)
5. Had to come in either a jacket layer or tucked shirt and underwear layer that avoided the bare midriff strip. (There were men's Henley's that did this too and I just passed them by: Layer option, please.)

I did my best to keep the shots equivalent in size and crop and these picks are untouched other than that. I also considered going for the same color but I honestly didn't need a dozen grey or red Henley's in my inventory.

So, that's your mission boys and girls. Nine shirts by different designers. First round is simply to vote for your favorite. Do it via comments and I'll update the voting by, say Tuesday, noon SLT. of the top three, I'll let you do your best to match the designer to the shirt. First one (or maybe three people) to drop me the correct answers and I'll buy you a shirt. (If possible. Some of these, as I said, were hunt gifts. They may not be available for purchase but I'll give you an equivalent prize --we'll work it out.)

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

Above from top (not in the contest):
Bunny henley from Gypsy Soul (gift from the Bryce Advent Calendar) currently $280L
MIA - Red: I debated about including this. It's been in my inventory since I was a noob. MIA (along with Perfect Style) is a fairly common brand across the grid, supplier of businesses in a box, resell items and a good many freebies. There are, as far as I know, legitimate MIA resellers, but I'm not up to sorting through all of them. If you like it and want it, I'd suggest you take a (long) stroll through MIA island and grab it there. Andy Enfield of HippoVend is ostensibly the creator of the MIA line, but I couldn't tell you if he did on behalf of LL or not -- he doesn't list the line in his picks, but as pervasive as the line is, it would be hard to miss if you wanted to crack down on ripped content. I'm open to being corrected and removing if anyone knows anything more about the status of the line.

==Gabriel Gifts==

If you missed it at the Menswear Fashion week, Gabriel is giving you another chance to grab a really nice shirt -- or three. The black is a group gift (male & female versions included), the blue and white denim shirts are dollarbies just in front of the Group join station.

Hair: Caught in Chestnut by Shag
Necklace: Logan by Sable Rose
Pants & Belt: Cort Brother's set by Husky GFX
Glasses: Discord


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