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House Island and Deep House Island house a lot of showcased designers. Mimi's choice for men and women is there, and Mimi does her best to highlight up and coming as well as established designers and offers up unique gifts along with the latest offerings of the designers she showcases.

Emilia Redgrave also has her stores there...and it's worth it to wander the sim and see what else is there (and you get to listen to great music while you do it.)

Just a few steps away from Mimi's is Champagne! Sparkling Fashion which had some interesting, glitzy outfits for guys and some equally interesting thongs if you are feeling adventurous. But, as an opening gift, they had this sleek set out for the taking. Slim line sheened black pants and an open leather shirt with a little glitz (but no bling,) and if you go in Redgrave's main entrance, you can pick up a pair of these unisex ultra modern sunglasses.

Stepping over to Deep House Island will bring you to Urbanized; furniture and accents where you can pick up this texture change valentine's planter and multi-pose cushion. The planter has your typical V-day choices of hearts, but also a cracked, chipped patina finish both in pink and lipstick red. The cushion has three seating options, with a menu driven adjuster (which is a good thing; the "chill" pose was pretty off but easy to fix with the menu. ) The cushion is not texture change but it's fun and the poses aren't your usual ones.

Take a bit more of a stroll and you'll come across Simay Italian fashion. I'm going to have to go back and check some of their men's sets, which looked good, but it was getting late, so I grabbed this free graphic dove button down shirt.

And if you've got a girl, bring her along... plenty of places for her to find gifts and you can kick back and enjoy the tunes.


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