End of an Era

House of Serendipity and Relic are closing. The creative minds behind those two enterprises, Sue Stonebender and Baron Grayson are moving on to other and hopefully bigger and better things. If you are new to SL or you just happened to miss this, Baron Grayson is the original brain behind the Templum ex Obscurum sim and any number of builds and building components you still see on the grid. He's divested himself of most of it, given the care of his creations over to other people. His Relic store is still riding aboove The Nameless Isle but my guess is, it's going to be gone as well soon.

Sue is an amazingly lovely, talented, generous lady who for the last couple of years has been the driving force behind a series of "Givings" to help budding business people in some of the poorest places on the planet get a start toward a better life by raising money through SL to give out micro loans through kiva.org. She also makes beautiful trees, amazing pianos, and any number of clever and detailed pieces of jewelry, furniture, accessories and christmas items.

The wind down has been happening for awhile but the House of Serendipity line will be closing out this Sunday, the 31s,t at her temporary location on the Alchemy Immortalis sims. Some things will remain, like the song books for her pianos... but the rest of it will be gone, never to return as far as I know.

Sue has released a bunch of her smaller and unreleased items in crates, for $50L per crate. She also has a stack of free boxes to give away, mostly older stuff, retired or unreleased, and most of her stuff is deeply deeply cut in price, made copy, and honestly, one of a kind. If you ever wanted a baby grand piano that plays music...this would be the time to get it. Furniture, accessories for the home, elegant accents, are running anywhere between $25L and $300L and worth every L. She's got four shops on the Alchemy sim, but they will all be gone after Sunday, so don't put this off. The alchemy sim can be a little laggy too, so give yourself some time to look through the vendors. She's discounted her pianos, too, and as one who owns several of them? I don't regret paying full price for them them anymore than I do paying the discounted price now -- the same for her trees.

The only caution to some of Sue's stuff (and the Baron's as well) is that it's not low prim, usually, but as someone who made room for Sue's furniture by cutting elsewhere, there's reason to want it anyway -- the workmanship is just that good. These are two content creators who have been in SL almost from the start, the Baron since 2004 and Sue since 2005. Both of them are wildly talented, generous creators who have either mentored or influenced a lot of other creators on the grid.

Will everyone find something? Probably not. But this is one of those sales, those opportunities, that you look back at in six months and say.. Damn.. why didn't I....


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