Kicking it up

Revisiting some favorite places, like Santero at Moonlit Desire, who has a habit of giving out really fantastic outfits in hunts, and who offers some unique styling choices in full sets. There's a freebie Chango Leather jacket out with Santero's MidNight-Mamba shades. The back carries the Santero logo in red, but it's a simple sharp look.

The hair is Morgan from Amacci's $30L Hair Sale ($90L for the full pack,) 2 men's styles, color change on the knit cap. Red carpet room only.

From Mimi's Choice, where the priorly blogged Gabriel shirts can also be found is this silver cross men's thumb ring, modifiable and sharp looking, and a arond the corner in the landmark giver you can grab M.R.M's Silver Necklace *Crest of Lily* necklace.

And just kicking around, I found these Dark Green Wash Jeans from Studz. There's a logo t-shirt in there too, but if you are tired of blue and black, these are nice, basic fit jeans.


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