Spring Cleaning

MHOH3 ends in a couple of days, as do a lot of hunts. And new one's start in May, so some Spring cleaning is necessary. This means checking and clearing landmarks, unpack and sorting hunt gifts, and generally trying to make room for the new stuff to be picked up as the hunt season continues.

Tuft was in one of the first to pop up; offering all kinds of interesting and fun builds, accessories, clothes and clothes and a good dose of odd, this Creepy old abandoned house can be found in the cheapies and freebies section for $5L -- it has a 24x35m footprint and weighs in at 70 prims, but it is kind of creepy but oh so much fun with built in dust covered furniture. rickety staircase and working fireplace.

RoTtEn DeFiAnCe is having another mini hunt with five items each for men and women, including these (low) low rise plaid jeans.

The shirt is the April gift from SF Design (in addition to the MHOH3 gift swaffette is offering).

Wrist cuff is the group gift from Gabriel and comes in black and brown and with or without chains.

Hair is Trowa2 from Mischief Boy.

Shoes are part of gift #4 from the ever generous Matt Kungler at Sensual Mistery for MHOH3 The skin is the MHOH3 gift from Atomic Bambi.

Also while checking landmarks, Sweeter than Candy popped up and these men's jeans & grey shirt were hiding in the back of the men's section on the Freebie Wall.


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