MHOH3 - Part 2

There are some nice skins in this hunt, shapes too; the creators are making some pretty cool choices. The three I'm showing below, I kept my own shape for, the better to compare, and I gave up my hair to give you a better look at the overall image of the skins. (As always, click for a larger view.)

Left: #23 Paddy's - Armen: If you've been watching this site for any length of time, you'll notice that I tend to swap between the relatively mature skin offered by Redgrave, and the offset youth of the Den Dou Ichiro skin. (h/t to M4). Paddy's skin runs to the mature side, has a decent amount of body hair (which eliminates the need for clothing layers to add it. (Always a plus,) and has a nice definition and skin tone.
Center: #157 AD Sport - Real Man: There are hints of a prize fighter in this skin -- or maybe a particularly well-built Beat Poet. Either way, the hint of goatee is nice and the lighter skin tone doesn't look ghostly. While skins do change slightly (or a lot) based on the shape beneath -- be it one you made or one you bought -- I do like the way the facial proportions played out on this one.
Right: #61 Nikita Fride Designer: Full scalp hair (great for any number of styles popular now, including the shorter styled mohawks,) interestingly ornate tattoo application on eye and lips that looks a bit like blood drops but also can read as piercings. Maybe not an everyday skin, but definitely a specialty skin worth keeping.

Couple of outfits also worth the grab:

Left: #165 - 22769 Casual Couture - Chaps & Indian vest, #169 smudged - Cowboy hat, -dD- hair in #122 Santero Keitaro, #4 Kalnin's color change shoes
Center: Outfit by #6 FIR, Hair by #1 MADesigns - Brady in Irish Coffee
Right: #2 Alphamale striped silver pants & slate Shirt, #1 MADesigns - Brady in Red, #4 Kalnin's
color change shoesshoes


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