MHOH3 - More skins

If the name of the hunt is "Make Him Over" then the first place to start is with skins. I showed you some in the previous post that primarily came with out fits; these are the stand alone skins.

Atomic Bambi, Illninia, Aska and an MM Board skin from Endlix, again presented with minimal attachments so you can see the details in the skins. Some of these came with shapes meant to go with them, but comparisons are easier, I think, with a consistent shape to look at.

Right: Endlix Midnight Mania board - ShyBoy. Don't let the name fool you, despite the blush in the cheeks and lips, this skin works just fine on an adult frame -- very little shy about it. (I never did find the gift, but I haven't given up yet either.)
Left: Aska Asian Shapes - mid toned and with an ethnic hint that reminds me of popular action film stars.

Left: Illninia Skin Store - Ignacio - Moderate body hair and a not entirely commonplace look. Right: Atomic Bambi-Benicio-Beta - tanned with body hair and capped skull (my personall preference) with some nice definition. A friend had pointed me to Atomic Bambi once before but the is the first time I've worn one that wasn't a demo. I like it.


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