MHOH3 - Letting Someone Else Dress You (full outfits)

Left: Subversions Menswear - Navy Denim/Leather Combo (one look of many) & Rubber Boots from Peeps Fashion.
Center: Maloney & Hudson shirt and Slacks, MPP -My Pretty Pixels scripted sports shoes.
Right: Subversions Menswear - Chalk Stripe Peacoat - Donkey Brown

Left: Duh Men's Grey buckled boots
Right: Poised Grafitti Hoodie, CheerNo Hair Soldier Special Brown

Left: Jasper - Mister Bear Roll-leg Shorts and Emerald High collar sweatshirt
Right: Hell Bop - Walter Bib overalls & Oscar shirt

Left: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop - Hakama Red Kimono (also in black...beautiful detail)
Right: Juice Fresh Menswear - Pretty in Punk

Left: LAD Menswear - Suspended
Right: Myself - Shuto Jeans in faun and Daniel shirt - Green, Avoid Onyx cap and hair


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