Unintentional Hiatus - Classic, Couture, Casual

I didn't actually mean to be so long between updates. RL required some attention for a bit, however, here we are again with new stuff for you to look at.

If you are not regularly checking out the Midnight Mania boards at Knights Innovation, you are missing out. The content offering changes daily, the boards rarely fail to offer up their goodies and when they do, what you get are quality, highly detailed outfits suitable for your favorite Fantasy, Medieval or Post Apocalyptic adventures. Knights Innovation really do quality work, often offering full outfits down to the boots, nice side weapons (unscripted) a with multiple wear options: i.e.m the outfit shown here, Dark Warrior 2 Pack, has three kilt options - two long and one short, and multiple shirt options including the muscle style shown here.

Brocade Tiger (left) has changed locations and as an opening gift, Lexi Vargas is offering this tiger stripe version of his Black Snake outfit; laced up pants, cropped open top and sculpted collar; fashion and fun for free.

Lexi offers a wide range of men's and lady's wear that is fantastical, fun and reasonably priced. He specializes in rich textures, patterns, brocades and little extra flourishes.

Next to Lexi's shop on the celebration sim is VH Industry, (right) where you can pick up this grey logo'd pull for $1L. I matched it up with the group gift from Robbish, wader denim shorts. Denim chucks are from Akeyo (color change, resize, not free but awesome).


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