Working at the Car Wash

It's time again for the $10L Cart sale at the Car Wash and The Wash sims. The sims may be retro but not everything you find on the carts is.

You're going to see a lot of familiar design names (Hell Bop, 22769, SD Wears) and some new players (Hey, Dark Water Designs). You can find everything from accessories to textures and a bunch of stuff in between.

Everything on the carts is $10L or less. The bulk of the clothing is for the ladies, but you don't have to look hard to find unisex and men's things as well.

Among the goodies are always some fun choices from Hell Bop. Their cart is located in front of their main store on the The Wash sim. I think I bought everything on their cart except for the sock-gloves and I may go back for those.

Upper left: Hell Bop - Wyatt - Black Cow shirt, Maloney & Hudson Grey Jeans with Belt.

Upper Right: GoodVibez American Pride henley, Hell Bop Manny - Black Dickies.

Lower Left: Hell Bop white tank, DarkWater Designs Vegas shirt (may need some adjustment via Edit appearance. close the shirt front), Hell Bop, Sammy B Black Board Shorts. Shoes: Kalnin's Milestones (from the Addiction Hunt).

Lower Right: 22769 Yellow Paisley scarf, 22769 Green long sleeved shirt (push up sleeves), Maloney & Hudson Leather Pants.

Taxi: Car Wash and The Wash


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