MHOH4 - Skins, Shapes & Some favs

It ends tomorrow so if you've been putting it off like a pledge drive to the last minute, you have about 24 hours to get it done. This year offered a really nice array of skins and shapes to pick up, so if you really want a make over, the clever designers of MHOH4 have given you a lot to work with.
Left to Right: TrE uNiQuE-MHO4Shape-Heracles, ASKA Shape Zaku(3), Adlerblick Shapes - Riordan Shape (skin in all is Redgrave Emil)

Left to Right: Adrian Shape by BT, Goal Shape Maverick Design, Greg Shape for MHO4 CS Shapes for Men

Left to Right: R&B Shapes (Gift for MHOH), Miyoko Magic - Andy Shape, Pocket Mirrors Tito 2010 SHAPE

Left to Right: MHOH4 Shape it Up! LEE Male Shape, Sophistishapes - AARON, ~MS~ Victor Shape

Skin packs - Left to Right: Unique - Apolo M2 sem pelo barba queixo, Nikita Fride 2 skin-shapehi (Shape included), RICOCHET Tristan Dark (eye L clean shave bald)

As I said in my earlier post; everything I've found I'm liking a lot; below are some faves but by no means does it show everything I like.

Left: Bedlam - Leather Baggies & Boots, Pocket Mirrors - Xander Black Hair, Nikita Fride Piercing, Mustang Trading Post - Platade Noche bracelet, Bleisen & Mai Tai -Fire Walk With Me necklace
Center: Al Jamal Silks
Right: A:S:S - Jamie, Pocket Mirrors - Enzo Brick Hair, Nikita Fride Piercing

Left: Venus - My Guy Jeans Black, Atomic Bambi-OMAR-Sunblush skin. KOSH - Enigma neckalce
Right: Mashooka - Atomic Bambi-OMAR-Sunblush


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