Dog Days of August

The Dog Days of August means looking for the cool and comfortable, and some of our favorite designers are giving away that comfort and style for free.

LeLutka offers the light and definitely bohemian comfort of the Summer Breeze Ensemble to it's group members. Straw hat and a curled and windblown hairstyle, coupled with the casual comfort of a silky sarong. (bikini top for the ladies.) Beachcombing, beach bumming or beach living, this one is a not miss outfit. Thank you LeLutka!

And like he planned it, Paco over at 22769 is offering up a retro look for the "Summer Feeling" hunt with a bold patterned set of retro boarder shorts. From Baja to Bali, you can keep your summer cool and your fashion hot and you get to do it for free. (Paco even tosses in a towel in case you decide to check out the surf.)

And after a day in the sun, probably time to check out the night life. Urban Republic's gradient shirts fit any night scene.

This weekend you can get a pair of Guy's Basic Pants from KisKis during the La Venta Eventa weekend sales. (Grab them today, though, the sale ends at midnight.) and to finish off your look, Gabriel has low cut boots in black and brown as a Group gift. The boots are exceptionally well done, laced and fit with most pants, even those with cuffs (just remember to "add" rather than wear the cuffs to keep both.)


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