How to Turn the Spotlight On

The idea here is to highlight items by designers that aren't necessarily free, but to give extra exposure to designers who consistently offer free stuff to avatars. i.e. this space wont' be for pointing out where good free stuff is -- it will be a place to showcase other works by those designers in the hopes of generating them sales so they can stay in business.

Criteria is this:

1. Designers consistently offer quality free items. These can be via
group gifts, lucky boards or chairs, MM Boards, items in their
stores, because they participate in hunts. (Being part of the DSN
network does not count unless they also offer in-world free stuff.)

2. The free items are not creator logo driven.

3. The free items change periodically -- offering up even a generous
starter pack that never changes isn't enough to be spotlighted unless
they offer free or "dollarbie" type promotions.

Posting requirements are:

1. Full credit (as much as is possible) of everything you have on
(skin, hair, clothes, shoes, jewlery) and prices or
price ranges.

2. Slurl links somewhere in the post to the store(s) of the
highlighted designer.

3. Posters here must contribute at least one post a month to the Free Finds For Men Blog. If you are interested in posting to either blog, contact Raeyn Sirnah in world or at


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