Say hello to Guen!

Fall's jumping up in front of us and people -- including a good many of your freebie guides here at Designer Spotlight -- are going to have other obligations. We're constantly looking for contributors and Guenevere DeCuir stepped up to the plate to give us a hand.

Guen's a friend and coworker and great person all around. She's got an eye for style and a wicked sense of humor and a been in SL for a couple of years now. She's got a hefty SL Resume; She's a jewelery and tattoo designer and owns the shop [.:coLLisions:.]. You can find her around the grid DJing at Sanctuary Rock, Lounge of Dreams, or other venues as her schedule allows.

Guen maintains a blog for .:coLLisions:. and another at Crimson Flow, her personal SL blog. She also contributes to the blog for Sanctuary Rock, one of SL's oldest rock music and dance spots.

She's got some hunts in her pocket and already has her eye on men's goodies for this year's Jewlery Faire, but she finds herself tripping over freebies in places that most of us guys aren't likely to visit on our own.

So, say hi to Guen and make her feel welcome.


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