First, you need to know that that Munchflower Zaius has a wickedly creative mind. And a prolific one. And is slightly twisted. Her stuff isn't cheap, but it's not wildly budget busting either. The other thing you need to know is that she can be incredibly generous. She routinely runs amazing sales, she gives things away, and even her subscribo messages are first rate.

Skins, Clothes, Accessories, full Avatars, male, female, undeclared, angel, demon, gypsies, tramps and thieves, Nomine has you covered.

However, you might not want to call her a soft touch to her face. I hear she has fangs... and minions...possibly even attack zombies. I could be wrong about that...

What you should do is go to the Nomine sim, which is pretty damn amazing all by itself. And then you should spend lindens there.

But if you don't have lindens, you can hang out near her lucky chairs and look cool and edgy just by association.

On the Nomine Lucky Chairs - three waist levels: high, low, and ultra low. I snagged the green and black.


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