Psst. I've got a secret...the password is 22769

Among other things, the Hide Out Hunt starts today. You're looking for a scroll, and the hints are few and sneaky. Fifty stores, twice that many prizes possible since it's aiming to offer goodies to both men and women. Among the participating creators, Pasarella (left) (also one of the sponsors of the hunt), who provides a little spring cool to ward off the summer heat.

For the gals, a cool blue short summer tank style dress and stockings. Elegant for nights and flirty sexy for days. For the guys, fitted tank and jeans...suitable for a game of frisbee in the park, or a nice boardwalk stroll with your favorite partner on those warm summer nights.

Killy is also wearing an opening gift from Demise leather bracelet for men and women, plus one with a resize script.

From Soul Distraction (right), you get these sets; striped hoodies and ripped jeans, coordinating outfits that don't make you look like your partner's twin and set you up to keep it rocking all night long.

Myself has their Shuto Jeans and boldly striped shirt in multiple layers... not quite something that will let you blend in with the crowd but a nice statement to make when you don't want to keep your sense of style hidden.

And keeping in theme of Hide Out #Before Sleep
offers you two hideaways; one for the guys and one for the gals. Killy's not all that keen on the Boy's only rule on Kyr's clubhouse, so she moved her things right in and made herself comfortable.

These are relatively small structures wooden slatted with working doors and wired windows. Each set comes with a rug, a table and two box crate chairs to share with your friends. (They also make awesome treehouses.)

Thus far, I'm pleased with the hunt, but it's not the only one and Paco over at 22769 sent me a truckload of great prizes to be found at his store:

first up is this Hermes outfit for the Myths & Legends hunt; the fleet footed messenger of the gods, whose winged boots let him traverse heaven and earth with speed...not unlike our own SL tp system. Jacket and trousers, winged heels and feathered helmet.

The may Group gift at 22769 are these stonewashed denims and batik shirt that can be worn with or without the coordinating cropped brown vest. the color bleed on this shirt is really very cool, almost as if you can see where the dyes were laid, without looking like a muddy texture rendering -- and that's not an easy thing to do. Most bleeded textures come off looking like they never quite rez; not so with this shirt.

For the Fallen Angel hunt, Paco offers you this slate grey striped shirt, faded jeans and angel cap.

And last but not least, for the Fashion Freaks hunt, bronze on brown ribbed shirt and jeans, casual but not quite meant for lounging at the pool or in the back yard. Nightclub or Night life, 22769 has the right look for you...for free.


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