Running Through January

I'm not sure I could have kept up with all the hunts even if I didn't have a day job.

That said, I want to mention Raven Pennyfeather's RP sales at Rfyre. For the last few weeks she's been offering outfits geared toward the Role-Playing set at some significant discounts. Some of them are older designs or revamped versions of them.

Today you can get her stunning Tessen (right) for $199L, including the boots and battle fans pictured. She also has the deep purple version of her chained leathers on sale for $69L for Humpday Happiness, but it's only today so don't expect them to be there after midnight.

One of the more interesting hunts has been The Next Big Thing hunt, (January 15th-February 12th) just for sheer imagination. Much of it is non-clothing and in clothing the men's pickings are fairly slim but it's still very fun and always interesting to see what ideas are crowding the brains of some of our favorite designers. In the case of 22769 (left), they went a little retro -- but I have no complaints because I think these are some of the best looking jeans I've seen in awhile. Stonewashed canvas denim, v-neck boater and a paisley over-shirt (not shown).

Southpaw took a step off the beaten path for her Next Big Thing offering (unless we're having a revival of Last of the Mohicans no one warned me about with a set of silks and male jewelry that's actually pretty well suited to her delight in all things elvish. Paired here with a striking De La Soul skin (in multiple shades), and boots from Tribal Soul (part of the Gorean Grid Wide hunt - Battle of the Sexes which was over the 22nd, but I'm still seeing some of the pink, blue, and green symbols in the shops), its just the thing to appeal to your primal soul.

If you are too overwhelmed or busy to hunt, I'd suggest taking a quick pop over to the Nomine sim, and see if you can't score something awesome easily by taking a chance for one of Munchflower Zaius' multiple offerings in her Gatcha. $20L could nab you a very cool Tribal hoodie, or other articles. The hair I mixed with this outfit is from Sonic Death Monkey - Onymphic - from the Inferno Hunt, (Feb 6-26th).

The last is not free (although the boots are an amazing bargain and as referred to up-post, you can get at least one set of Rfyre's chained leathers at an amazing price.) Lexi Vargas of Brocade Tiger released a whole line of new things to his shop last fall, including a set called simply "Gentleman" which is a full sleeved blouse and cravat, waistcoat and tight fitting riding pants in a complimentary subdued moss color (not shown).

Here I paired them with Raven's chained leathers in brown which I got for a discounted price when she released them. The riding boots are by Arundel Design and cost (as do all of Arundel's, boots, hats and full fledged Victorian outfits) a mere $50L. I actually first found these boots when I first rezzed in SL and loved them then. She's added some others and for historical RP they are awesome, being scriptless. (You can edit them the old fashioned way.) She has several shops around the grid, although I found these at her shop in Caledon Oxford Village.


22769 Casual Couture
Arundel Designs
Brocade Tiger
De La Soul
House of Rfyre
Sonic Death Monkey
Tribal Soul

Skins: Top to Bottom: Den Dou Ichiro, De La Soul - Dailan Violet Strip, Redgrave - Emil, Redgrave - King
Hair: MADesigns, Zeus, Shag, Sonic Death Monkey


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