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The MenStuff Hunt Started February 1, and like it's predecessor, some of the grids best men's designers dove into the spirit of it and went all out.
There's a contest being run, where participants build an av from the ground up -- and that means you need to find a really good skin -- luckily there are some amazing ones being offered here.

There's shapes too (see next post) and oh yes, clothes and shoes and hair and poses, and the occasional fun surprise. Urban, Modern, Fantasy or Historical -- you're going to find a bit of everything in this hunt.

Skins first: All the skins shown here but one are Kyr wearing his normal shape: a modded version of KMadd's Kirby shape. The shape itself is neither free nor in the hunt. (Click for larger images.)

Top Left is The Special Echo Skin from LaVie. I think the Echo line is some of Pompeja's best work to date and this skin is no exception. It's also one of the hardest of the hunt prizes to find but it's worth it -- don't skip out on it.

If you've already seen the Echo line, you'll see the difference here. There's a small face tattoo (or half healed cut near the left eye and a healing scar on the right. If you are into any kind of Roleplay (or just want that dashing, battered look, this is a skin well worth having in your inventory.

Top Right: Aimesi's skin offereing is a little more mature, classical feature and well defined musculature. The skin runs more golden than tan -- This would be a perfect skin for a gladiator, a prince, or, you know, the next SL Male Model.
Next in line is JeSyLiLo's male skin in 3 versions, fair-skinned, blond base on a husky build. Fair skinned and an interesting face. Not a brute but not likely to fade into the woodwork either with the wider set eyes and generous mouth.

&Bean brings you another skin that shows some wear and tear -- which the name of it, "Dear John - Can of Whoopass", kind of implies. Chest tattoos of a wolf and unicorn are part of the skin as are the blood and bruises. This is not a guy who gives up easily in a fight, whether he's losing or not.

Style by Kira offers another more mature skin. Drake has sharper facial features and a well defined chest and six pack, hint of a sardonic demeanor, but giving the impression he can be charming to those he knows well.

The last of the skin alone packs from the difficult to find, Egoisme, offering among a series of other gifts (tattoos and clothing -- a very generous hunt gift). SammV2, is a darker skin, well detailed body hair and a dark hair base. The skin could suit a variety of ethnicities based on the shape under neath, which makes it incredibly versatile.

On the bottom left is the only skin and shape set offered. (Although Body Doubles designed their shape to go with the LaVie Echo skin line). Essences offers you Diego 7, a tall, bronzed skin man, imposing but with that old world charm. Broad shouldered and narrow hipped, he's a taller than usual shape even by SL standard. The skin has a hint of a goatee and well trimmed moustache, and be he a bullfighter or a World Famous Actor, stevedore on the docks of New York or running a Linden coffee shop, he's a man you take note of.

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