Man for all occasions

Hat tip to Yves at FFFM for pointing me to GryphonWings -- but it figures I'd find a designer I really like just as she's taking a break. My loss is your gain though because most of her store is on sale for $10-75L and she's got some nice things to fill in those empty corners of your inventory.

On the second floor is this Legacy leather coat (left), a fat pack of three colors (Black, Russet and White)) for $25L. Now, the coat is designed for women so on the white colors, the shading at the chest will be off, but the black is good and the russet looked pretty slick too. And for that price, one coat (Which comes in 4 different lengths, open and closed and includes a sleeveless version, plus optional arm buckles) is a pretty good deal.

Back down on the first floor you can find this Arum tunic (right) for $10L. Shown here is Seabreeze. I'm really liking the off center collar and details and the nice fade of colors. Goes really well with the low rise ripped jeans, ($10L for a fatpack of five colors.)

I'm still making my way through all my Steampunk treasures and finally got to Nachtmusik and their red leather Gallant prize. Tight trousers, vest, full shirt with sleeves perfect for the Victorian man lounging about in his study or workshop.


Hair base is from booN - vine shaved hair base black from Hair Fair
Choker is from Sable Rose - Enkomi for Wear Gray (blogged earlier) which will be gone forever at the end of the week.


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