Wear Gray for a Day

Relay for Life and Hair Fair are probably the best known in world events for fundraising, but there are a lot of events for a variety of good causes and the netizen's of SL can be pretty generous when it comes to pretty much anything. Cancer is a disease that affects everyone; you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know at least one person who has had to deal with cancer of one kind or another, and most of the time it's someone they know well as opposed to some removed form them by being the sister/brother/cousin of a coworker.

You may have passed a few signs while shopping or sightseeing referring to Wear Gray Day. Wear Gray Day is charity event and market running from September 12 - 25th to help raise awareness of Brain Tumors and provide funding for research through the ABTA - American Brain Tumor Association.

A lot of inworld designers are supporting this effort in a variety of ways; donation kiosks, special gifts, special events, and yes the market. Merchants from A-Bomb to Rfyre are participating in this and have been asked to create between two and four items exclusively for this market. his isn't a sale, per se, but a fund raiser, meaning once the Market closes, most of what's on offer won't be available.

My very good friend Rosie Barthelmess of Sable Rose has joined this effort and created a really unique set of jewlery for men and women in three styles as part of this effort. She's create Enkomi; in three color choices, two of which will be exclusive for the Wear Gray Day project. Male and Female Versions:

The Ladies get a gorgeous necklace, matching earrings and a multiband bracelet in either gold, silver or a mixed metals set called Painted desert.

For the guys there's a braided choker, and two sets of wrist cuffs for left and right, one set with a stone and one without so you can mix and match.

Sets are Modifiable for easy adjustment, although I was able to wear mine pretty much out of the box.

The Shopatorium at Gallinas will be having live music events next weekend for this project and there are other events planned as well. Schedule is here: http://shop.inworld.sl/the-patio-live-music/

So, as you go through your week and wonder what you are going to do next weekend, keep Wear Gray Day in mind and visit the website to get a list of other participating vendors and more details about where and when.


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