More Steam - Punk'd

The Steampunk Hunt continues to amaze and delight with its mix of whimsy and Victorian science, and it's guaranteed to take you to some interesting places. More of what I've gathered...

The full outfit from Mire was in a previous post, but the arm belt makes a marvelous accessory to this black and gold suit from +ezura+; waistcoat and tails and pant, Oh My!

Added to that, Yellow JesteR's hat and hood with a mask for when you are poking about all those dusty, musty places. Orquidea gives you a festive Mechanical Orchid for you chapeau (or for your hair, ladies,) and Steampunk Adventures has a Turning Clover Pin for your lapel to bring you luck in your hunting.

Black Opal offers you a shiny waistcoat in shirt and jacket layers to give stylishness to your tinkering about. It made the Echo Dragon group gift skin from LaVie even more striking. For the ladies there's a corset to match the gentleman's waistcoat.

Not to be outdone, Rag Dollz gives you the Regal Men's Suit in royal blue, with cream colred pants and lace, perfect to impress should the Queen Mother wish to bestow some award upon you , or a knighthood to honor your contributions to the advancement of Victorian Society.

And to make sure you see clearly along all spectrums, Wildz Creations provides you with these JW Steampunk Multi-view glasses.


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